Re: SRX5308 multiple external IPs


SRX5308 multiple external IPs

We have multiple Public Ip adresses. I want to use 4 of them to be used as IP adres that i connect from.


How to manage this ? I have setup my LAN's with 4 diffrent VLAN's. How ca i connect one of my WAN's to the VLAN ? So that that VLAN connects t the internet from that IP adres.


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Re: SRX5308 multiple external IPs

Hi PasavICT,


I regret to inform you that there is no option in the SRX5308 to set a WAN IP Address per VLAN or vice versa.






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Re: SRX5308 multiple external IPs

Try assigning the VLAN members in their own group. (Group2/3/4/5 based on IP).  Don't use Group1 since that is the default.


Use a single IP on each of the 4 WANs. (assigning public IP's from the same subnet to multiple WANs has caused issues in the past, but it's worth a shot to try)


Use Protocol Bindings - ALL / GroupX to bind each to a specific WAN.


Maintain: Add any devices that show up in Group1 to their respective Group2/3/4/5 as they show up.


The bigger question is why are you doing this?

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Re: SRX5308 multiple external IPs

I will try that. Thxs.


I have multiple external IP's and want the machines are also communicating from that external IP, so when 1 IP is blocked, the other machines are not

effected. What is the perpuse of having 4 wan connection. Nobody has 4 diffrent Internet lines, and uses  them only for fail over.


So i have to look to a other router then. To bad, i like the Netgear routers.

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