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VPN Client BR500 cannot ping


VPN Client BR500 cannot ping


I have encountered a very strange problem/behaviour with the Insight VPN client, connected to a BR500.


The client can ping all devices in the network where the BR500 is (BR500 IP =, i.e. frpm several computers and OS. Works flawlwssly with HP/Win7, Dell/Win8, HP Elite /Win10. Thus,, I can connect to the network from from all these three computers, and the VPN client uses the same gateway on all three computers, and all three VPN clients are connected to the sama BR500.


Now comes the astonishing part....: I have a couple of Lenovos M90 nano (ThinkCentre) computers with Win10 as OS. When I try to connect the installed VPN client to the BR500 it connects without problems, and I can ping the BR500,and ONE more device, which happens to be an ALTUSEN KVM switch (power over the net). Thus, the M90's have exatly the same configuration (OS etc), the same VPN client and the same router connected to (the BR500), as the other three computers, but the M90's can ONLY ping the BR500 and the KVM switch, while the other computers can ping (and consequently connect to) all the devices on the subnet, i.e. the whole subnet (as you, obviously, would expect).


This is pretty strange... Do anybody know if there are any specific problems with the Insight VPN client on Lenovo computers?



Model: BR500|Insight Instant VPN Router
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Re: VPN Client BR500 cannot ping



Welcome to the community! 🙂 


If your Lenovos M90 computers are not connected to the VPN and just connected within the LAN, are you able to send and receive replies from other computers within the same LAN?  






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