Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2020 For a Better Internet! #SID2020

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Celebrate Safer Internet Day 2020 For a Better Internet! #SID2020


Safer Internet Day is Tuesday, February 11, 2020! A global campaign designed to bring awareness and aimed to create a safer and better internet, Safer Internet Day’s mission is simple; “to make the internet a place where everyone is empowered to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.” According to the Safer Internet Day website, its slogan “Together for a better internet” embodies what the movement is about - encouraging everyone from children, parents, educators, industry, decision makers, politicians and more to come together and play their part.

CHP_ARTICLE_SID2020_2020-2-10_INLINE3.jpgAs a start, some of this can be practiced at home with minimal effort. Simple tasks such as monitoring your children’s internet activity and knowing what sites they are frequenting will go a long way. Additionally, taking measure to prevent your home network from cyberthreats and cyberattacks will help keep the household’s personal and private data safe and secure. Being aware of websites that are being visited, making sure the sites are secure, & not giving out personal information are some additional measures to take.

CHP_ARTICLE_SID2020_2020-2-10_INLINE2.jpgIf you’re already actively practicing some of these at-home tactics, but want that extra layer of protection, select NETGEAR routers offer additional features to help with parental control and advanced cyber threat protection. Circle Smart Parental Controls allow families to manage content and time online on any connected device. Key features include Filtering content, Safe Search, Time Limits, Usage and more. NETGEAR Armor provides powerful and advanced security, protecting your home and all your devices from cyber threats. With multiple layers of security, Armor will provide antivirus & ransomware protection, scan & identify network security flaws, notify you of malicious threats and more!


Take the next step in creating a safe home environment this Safer Internet Day by trying Circle on NETGEAR and NETGEAR Armor for free! For more info, please visit:

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For more information about Safer Internet Day 2020, please visit:

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