New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live


NETGEAR's new Community Pages are now Live! Have a look around, check it out then let us know what you think. We would like to thank the Community for their feedback in our first live test in June. We hope you'll take our survey and tell us what you think.

What's new?

Dynamic design - Use it on the go! Our pages are now responsive meaning they change dynamically depending on what device or screen size or device you are using.

Focused - Easy to use. We created a simplified category selector will help you find the discussion you want. The ReadyNAS and Business Solutions section has been combined into a Business section selector. Note: Arlo Smart Home Security Community will continue to take you to separate pages.

Stories - Be in the know. We can now curate the best posts and are producing our own content to spotlight on the Stories Tab. If you have a great idea, tip, trick - watch soon for a way to submit your own Stories.

Search - Find what you need.

Tab Structure - Find out what's new quickly. Each major category (Home or Business) will dynamically update our Tabs section to show relevant content in Desktop mode.


Discussions - Shows the latest post in your selected category.

Solved - Shows most recent questions with an accepted solution.

Hot Topics - Finds the most discussed content in your selected category.

KB Articles - Knowledgebase articles from your selected major category.


When viewing on mobile, click the 3 horizontal lines on the top left to choose your preferred community channel

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-NETGEAR Community Team

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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

that's a really great news, guys!

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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

Doing a great job!!! 

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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

I am learning a lot.

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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

this looks like a great place to get answers!  i am looking to add wifi to my broadband in my home soon and i will be checking out the site to see how its best done!  

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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

I'm trying to setup Arlo Smart on one of my Arlo cameras the app says 30-day free trial no credit card info required however the app will not complete without that info, any recommendations please?
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Re: New NETGEAR Community Pages Are Now Live

I see that the new site design is back. Mmm. Smiley Sad


One very strong annoyance I have is when I'm accessing the site from mobile, which will be the most frequent case for me. I have a larger screen and yet this site is showing me the dumbed down view. It's so dumbed down that I can't find a link to show all unread discussion threads, which is my preferred way to scan forumaraas, such as ReadyNAS. It's very cumbersome and annoying to have to drill into each sub forum individually.


I can try and bookmark the magic URL for use on my phone. But why is it that we can't just SEE that link or select this view by default in the preferences???


Also, I want to make another call to request Tapatalk extension be added to this community. I have found this application VERY useful in staying caught up on dozens of web communities I follow on various subjects. This one stands out as one of a few that are not integrated, and frankly it sucks. If there is another native app that does work with the forum, I'm open to it. But. Wang forced to slog through these UI/UX issues again only serves to highlight why I would far prefer to use an app like Tapatalk to access the forum instead. 

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