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Feature Request (VLAN)

Dear Netgear(community)

As of right now VLAN is unfortunately not supported by the Orbi Pro.
For two reason I think a device aimed at SMB's and marketed as PRO should offer this.

1) My Provider (TM Malaysia, Unify) requires VLAN Tagging on my WAN Port. e.g. vlan.500 for Internet PPPoE (other VLAN ID's for IPTV, etc. but that's irrelevant to me). Right now I am forced to use a managed switch as a workaround. A hassle I would like to avoid.
2) To my understanding right now my 3 Networks (Admin, Employee, and Guest) are isolated on MAC level. This is too much of an insecurity as a common address space is shared.

Looking forward to you recognizing the necessity of upgrading your system to match requirements of the very SMB's you are currently marketing your device at.

To support that this is not just a request of relevance to myself, I would greatly appreciate if others affected by it would just hook on!

Best Regards


NETGEAR Employee Retired

Hi @slowp0ke,


Welcome to the community! 🙂 


I moved your post here in the Idea Exchange for Business board.  In this way, the Orbi Pro development team can see what feature does users wanted to be added to the functionality of the Orbi Pro system.  


Let me inform you that the more kudos given by community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos and might be considered to be implemented.  


Gave kudos to your post since I agree to it as well. 🙂 





NETGEAR Community Team


Hey DaneA, 


thank  you very much for your help and support!


Lets hope that  your Developers   get the 'right' tasks assigned then. 😉




Hi all !


Realy would also appreciate if this feature will be soon implemented.

Here in France it concern Freebox (iliad) which is the seconf ISP in the country (around 1/4 of the market).

VLAN Tagged 100 is used to connect between "Freebox Server" and "Freebox Player" (so called) and my loading test (even with microwave oven ON !) show me that if VLAN 100 could be associated to at least on physcial port on satellite it will be enough.


So please dear Developpers and Chief Product Officer (uppercase in this situation Smiley Tongue) !


Thanks in advance in any case.



Frdech from Paris.