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Fix Device View software on Smart Switches

I and everyone else in the community would appreciate our device view being repaired for our smart switches in service.  I want to but more switches for my network, including some 10gbe switches. But I don't want to buy more switches where all the features don't work. This Device View Java isssue has been ongoing since 2015 from reading the community website. In my opinion trashing all our switches and buying all new switches to fix a firware issue is a ridiculous option. Please give your customers some quality customer service and produce a firmware update to correct this problem...

NETGEAR Employee Retired

Hi @jpass022,


I understand your concern and agree with it as well,  especially on the legacy Smart Switches.  I believe this is being worked on by the engineering team, however, still need to consider the hardware limitation of the legacy Smart Switches.






NETGEAR Community Team


This is fairly typical for netgear stuff, I have been using their stuff since before the Nortel days and it has always seemed like they have always left little to no wiggle room for updates to their firmware, it is usually solid, albeit slow but solid nonetheless.


The Java thing is not entirely their fault, other than using it in the first place but they are far from the only ones that did that, it truly falls more on the lap of Sun/Oracle for making a product so riddled with security issues that many companies actively removed support mid stream rather than just letting it fade out.


That being said I have a gs724tv3 and the device view doesnt even work when Java mode is disabled and for that there is no excuse. If NG cant or wont doesnt fix these problems they should at least make a trade in offer.