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GS1xxE and their PoE equivalents. Getting them an IP using DHCP on a specific vlan.

Hello to anyone taking the time to read this.


I have close to a dozen netgear GS1xxE switches at my home and various family member's homes by now and swear by the things. Vlan tagging is a must for our various setups and these switches haven't disapointed yet.


However , when it comes to configuring them, the fact one is incapable of selecting the vlan on which the things do their DHCP negotiating forces me to use fixed IP's.


In essence this isn't all that bad. But adding this to the firmware isn't something unreasonable to ask I would think.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply. If you also think this slight oversight should be rectified please do reply.


This has been sitting here for quite some time now. Any update please?


Same question here. Need a solution to this, or I'll need to switch to TP-Link instead. They seem to have a switch that does this (and much more) in TL-SG2210P. Slightly higher price, but still closer to the GS108PEv3 (which I currently have two of (unfortunately)) than that of Cisco/HPE etc.


While is it disgusting that this item is just sitting here, I would like to add this advice to others trying to use these switches:


Don't use these switches.  This problem will never be fixed.  After messing with the switch for a while, it is obvious this is a non-VLAN switch design that someone hacked basic VLAN support into.  Perhaps they got a new revision of the chip they use and it supported VLANs and they had some intern hack it together.  But it isn't a VLAN-ready switch, because significant parts of it are not VLAN-aware, like the administration system for example.    I returned mine as "doesn't support what it advertises" because these will never be worth my time (nor yours.)


You can get great results with GS110TP (which is a real VLAN switch) and GS108T hanging off of them where you need a second tier VLAN switch.


Trying to use the GS1xxE in a VLAN deployment is just wasting your time.


Same here - the management interface on the Smart Managed Plus does the DHCP handshake on any VLAN. Granted, we could use fixed IP addresses, this will leave other vectors (over different VLANs) still open.

@bradleyv nice pleeeeeease here again, too!


I have a very simple network at home with three vlans: a trusted network, a guest network and a test network. None of these are vlan1. My main switch is a GS724T, placed in the downstairs cupboard where my broadband comes in, with a firewall, separate wifi AP, a small server and cat5e to around the house. The guest network is used for guests, but also untrusted devices like cheap chinese IP cctv cameras and the like.


I just bought a GS108E as perfect for me needs, a simple but good quality switch ideal for extending my network into a home office space, so I set it up with the same vlans with a .1q port to link back to the "core" switch. And I quickly spotted the problem discussed here:


that sent me here.


I want to be able to set my GS108E to have its management interface on any vlan. This seems to me to be a fairly trivial thing to want, sorry. It appears there are work-rounds to solve this, but ultimately I will probably end up selling the GS108E and buy a different brand. I definitely do NOT want the chance of having my switch visible on the guest network!


@beardytechie  >  ultimately I will probably end up selling the GS108E and buy a different brand.


Unqualified judgment... It's not about a different brand (I can give you pointers to other brand switches with the same design and limitaiton). If you don't like this design, you must buy at least some GSxxxT (Smart Managed Pro) instead of the GSxxxE (Smart Managed Plus) - no need to change the brand.


Where are the real risks? The switch is a non-managed core, the controller for configuring (not managing!) a limited functionality switch core, so it could be abused for destroying your network config. The controller has as-is no access to the data flowing on your network. If you want to draw it very black: Granted, the very bad guys could extend or replace the controller code, installing malicious code, the same thing could happen if the controller would listen to the configured VLAN only. Jalla jalla ...