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GS1xxE and their PoE equivalents. Getting them an IP using DHCP on a specific vlan.

Hello to anyone taking the time to read this.


I have close to a dozen netgear GS1xxE switches at my home and various family member's homes by now and swear by the things. Vlan tagging is a must for our various setups and these switches haven't disapointed yet.


However , when it comes to configuring them, the fact one is incapable of selecting the vlan on which the things do their DHCP negotiating forces me to use fixed IP's.


In essence this isn't all that bad. But adding this to the firmware isn't something unreasonable to ask I would think.


Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply. If you also think this slight oversight should be rectified please do reply.

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Hello Phoennixl, 


Thank you for posting a request on our Idea Exchange Board. This is actually a very good suggestion, we'll need the specific model number of the switches so we'll know if it is possible for the said model. Please don't forget to click the up arrow (kudos icon), the more users like the request the more it will be implemented. You can also file a support request on our website. 






Hello JohnRo


Currently the switches I know for certain that have vlan tagging capabilities and lack the ability to specify on which vlan they do their DHCP negotiating are these: GS105E, GS105PE,GS108PE, GS108Ev3, GS116Ev2 .

I'm sure it's at least the whole prosafe plus series but I can't be absolutely sure since I don't own them all.


Friendly Regards.

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Hi Phoenixxl, 


Yes, they all belong to the Gigabit Web Managed (Plus) series. Engineer take a look at hot topics and requests on this board so don't forget to click on the Up arrow (kudos/ +1), the more request it gets the higher chance it will be added to their firmwares. 






I own a GS108Ev3. I wish I could specify the VLAN ID for the switch management. I would use this VLAN ID on a trunk port.

I just clicked the up arrow Smiley Happy



Hi, I would really like this feature on the GS105E and the GS108E. I wanted to use some trunk lines to distribute my personal network as well as some public accessible wifi network through my home. But of course I don't want the management interface to be accessible from the public network. So, yeah, please implement this! Regards,

This has the most votes, I have two JGS524PEs and I really need the ability to specify the VLAN the management IP is listening on. Can you give us an ETA for when this feature will be implemented - it is the most popular feature request on this site so far.


Yeah, how are VLANs managed on these switches? How comes the switches can get DHCP leases from any VLAN???? This cannot be by design, this is a designed fault! It's an improper implementation! Please fix it and introduce the management VLAN concept into the firmware! And please make sure the switch is not mixing up traffic between vlans! I got here investigating why I get DHCP leases from VLAN 2 delivered on VLAN 1, now I suspect it's just a broken firmware and product line!!!


It's almost been 2 years now.


These are the switches I buy most, not only for me but also for family and some small workplace installations.


This is the only painful  point in these switches. If you use DHCP the switch get's it's IP from the vlan that delivers it the fastest. Which is a huge problem for me since one of my vlans has an ISP cable modem on it. you can see the security issues from having a switch that requests and gets a WAN IP I bet...


If a fixed IP is used that fixed ip is approachable from any VLAN that has ip's in that range!! This is also a major security issue.


As it is now, I have to use a fixed class C public IP for configuration and change it to an unused subnet after use.

I'm not even sure my ISP drops class C public ip packets in it's first hop routers. If it doesn't any smartass that manually puts in a class c IP that's in the range I leave my switch in can start hacking it.


Please fix this. Please allow us to specify the VLAN the switch uses for configuration instead of using all VLANs.


This is not a detail. This is a major security flaw. Vlans are supposed to be isolated.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Hi, I've the same request for GS108Ev2 and GS116Ev2. Best regards

How is the status of this still not reviewed after 2 years?