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GS724Tv4 IGMP Snooping on a VLAN breaks IPV6 Multicast on same VLAN, Still after over 1.5yrs.

The "workaround" about doing it at port level is not 100%, seems alot of Multicast stream are missed and not reported in the switch in that config. When setup at the VLAN level it works 100% like its suposed to for IPv4, but ofcourse that breaks IPv6.


This needs to be addressed, and apprently its on this whole "family" of switches based on other post here.


EDIT: and this is with the latest firmware of

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Hi Napsterbater,


For some time after reading this post, I recall that you have posted the same concern before.  It is this old forum thread.  


I moved your post here on the Idea Exchange for Business board so that the development team would be aware of the feature you wanted to be added to the functionality of the GS724Tv4 switch.  


Just gave kudos to this post. Be reminded that the more kudos given by community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos and might be considered.  






NETGEAR Community Team


Its not a "Feature Request" is a bug report/reminder, its broken. the "Feature" is there, but it breaks stuff.


I went back and forth with supprt/tech/engineers or who ever it was a year and a half ago. They reproduced the problem. They never Fixed it.


I recently found some traffic not getting caught by IGMP unless IGMP was enable for the VLAN, but If I do that I break IPv6 on that VLAN. So either I flood the switch with that traffic or I completely kill IPv6.


Again its broken, this is a Broken "Feature".