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What is your Experience with NETGEAR Insight cloud management?
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Implement tag based vlan instead of port based vlan

Please implement tag based vlan functionality on the internal switch of the Orbi Pro router/satellites. The product is meant for 'Pros'...so this should be no deal.

When using a Netgear switch behind the Orbi Pro it would be a great benefit for the 'Pro Users' to be able to utilize tag based VLAN ports on the Orbi.

Currently, different VLANs being configured on one switch can not be mapped to the Orbi router due to the fact that one port on the router can only belong to one VLAN at a time. A proper VLAN membership configuration and PVID configuration per port is needed.


Addition: The term 'Trunk' port is used differently on the Orbi Pro than it it used on the Netgear switches, which can be (and is) confusing.