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What is your Experience with NETGEAR Insight cloud management?
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Inlcude pdf files in the list of files to be indexed

Is it possible to include pdf files in the list with files to be indexed as to the content? My scanner converts scanned documents into text by adding an additional layer and it would be great if the content of scanned OCR documents can be included. Furthermore is there a document on how the indexing should work? I have tried to use it a couple of times, but the results where not as expected and I think I am doing something wrong. Last thing as to indexing: when I log into the RN628X I contineous see the message that File search is indexing which does not make sense to me. The changes that occur on my NAS are quite limited and as such I would not expect to see the messaging indexing at all. So I guess my request is more to either explain this feature better (so that I can lower my expecations) or improve it and on top of that include pdf file support. Obvious when a pdf only include images then an indexing option won't add anything, but when it is including text (native or via OCR) including it in the indexing function would be welcomed by me.