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Letter of Volatility

Please ensure NTGR does publish the Letter of Volatility (LOV) along with the product support download pages. We see that requests for LOV are taking reasonable bandwidth in the community support, temporary file downloads will be enabled with valid for a few days only. This makes the replies virtually useless, because the download is no longer available. So we see requests for the same product LOV again, or we get new posts. All this can be avoided...


Thank you for consideration!





When brainstorming, these LOV could be easily generated from a database, there is no need to generate all these docuemtns up front. Just the relevant data and the model or model series specifics must be handled individually.


I also wish that Letters Of Volatility were available for general download, rather than by special request.  It is important to companies to protect their proprietary information, and a LOV is useful in determining how to properly reassign or dispose of a device.  If that isn't easy to do for Netgear products when a company is doing their trade study before choosing a switch vendor, they may be dropped from consideration.  It is in Netgear's interests to make LOVs available.