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Management VLAN for



I'm aware of the previous discusions/sugestions here about adding the ability to specify a managemet vlan on ProSAFE Plus lineup (e.g.GS108Ev3). While there are good alternatives higher up the line that do support this (GS108Ev3->GS108Tv2) I dont see a similar aternative for GS105PE - a-5 port passthrough POE switch. It would really be appreciated if this feature could be added to GS105PE. I think it would make the switch so much better. It does almost everything needed for this type of device - just lacking the management vlan.





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Hi @sasha-london,


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The development team will be evaluating your feature request.  Be reminded that the more kudos given by community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos and will be considered.  


You may want to consider this.  Since you require a management VLAN and it can be powered via PD ports similar to the GS105PE (GS105PE can be powered only via 1 PD port which is port 5), I suggest the GS516TP switch.  The GS516TP is a 16-port Smart Managed Switch wherein the first 8 ports are PoE ports providing up to 15.4W of DC power.  Ports 15 & 16 are PD ports receiving power from power devices.  PoE and PD capability are operational at the same time.  


The GS516TP switch can be powered on by applying AC or DC power.  If you want to apply AC power, you can use the AC power cord that comes with the package when you purchase the GS516TP switch.  Otherwise, if you want to apply DC power, the GS516TP can also be powered by PD port 15 or 16; these ports receive DC power from a connected PSE device. These are the possible boot options from the PD ports:


         • Two 802.3af PD sources (15.4W each)

         • One or two 802.3at PD sources (30W each)

         • One AF and one AT power source (15.4W, 30W, respectively)


Note: A single 802.3af PD source does not supply enough power to boot the switch.


For more information about the GS516TP switch, kindly access the links below:


GS516TP Data Sheet


GS516TP Hardware Installation Guide - read pages 21-22 about Applying AC and DC power





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