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More options for setting Login Duration for Guest band

SRR60 - Using the Guest band I am able to set a suitable duration limitations for our active Wifi for visitors. We have a need to set the time duration more incrementally. As it stands, the options are 1,2 and 6 hours. This is not suitable for my environment, and I'm sure many others. For my purposes we need options to limit access to 3, 4 or 5 hours. Could NetGear in its next software revision including all numbers 1 through 12 as choices for Guest login duration or perhaps even make the time manually configurable for up to 48 or 72 hours?

I do see this adjustment as something which would Guest access limitations much more useful.





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NETGEAR Moderator

Hi @AllanA,


Thank you for posting this idea. Smiley Happy  The Orbi Pro development team will be reviewing this. 


Be reminded that the more kudos given by community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be reviewing the post that has the most kudos and might be considered to be implemented.





NETGEAR Community Team