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Orbi Pro AC3000 (SRR60) - Support for Vlan segmentation

When I bought this business class mesh system about a year back (1 router and 2 satellites), tech support stated that the product being a business producr does not have a built in firewall and I should procure an external firewall. A year back tech support stated that vlan segmentation and vlan to ssid mapping would be coming in a later release. At this point indeed the feature came in a later release of hardware in AX6000. I was talking to tech support today again as I purchased a decent hardware firewall and I would like to have the same vlan feature Iin the AX6000) of vlan 1,10,20 and 30 married to SSID with trunking available on the AC3000 as this should be basic network fiormware/software update and has nothing to do with wifi6 which may demand a new chipset. In the very least I need to segment the IOT stuff from business traffic. Can you please integrate proper vlan/ssid mapping into the AC3000 (SRR60). The way this should work is a user joins SSID Wireless 1 and should be part of the corresponding VLAN/Subnet and the AC3000 would run in AP mode and trunk (80-2.1q) the vlans via the WAN port to the Firewall which provides the IP routing, dhcp and all other services. I am not looking for wifi-6.


Don't expect they will redo the Orbi Pro 11ac system and all the compatible satellite variants to become VLAN capable from scratch.

Status changed to: Implemented In Latest Product

Thank you for taking time to explain the use-case.


the Latest Orbi Pro family supports upto 5 VLANs (5 DHCP pools)

Wireless and wired ports can be assoicated to VLAN.



Some of  the latest  Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6  also comes with 5 Years of Insight premium subscription included.