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Orbi Pro Attached Device List Feature Request

Router Firmware Version V2.5.1.106

I'd really like to see some improvement in the attached device list. I am curious what other users think about it.

I believe the list could be much more concise and not so redundant with the information on each listed line. With just a list of 26 devices, it currently takes TWO page to list them, why? 26 devices could easily be displayed on a single page.


Also, what about the large graphic icons? Do you really need a graphic for an attached device list report? Use the name of the graphic, not the image. Use test for the connnect bandwidth for 2.4G or 5G, not the icon graphic.


Another thing, when you sort the IP address column, it sorts by text and not numerically by the last octet of the IP address.


The search function seems to only search in the device name column, why not search the entire table? If you're looking for a paticular IP address, it will not search for it - but wait, the IP address in the device name column, but search will not find it there. Go figure!!!


I am sure a better attached device list is very low on the list of feature requests.


As I mentioned in some previous posts, I am new to Netgear routers, just offering my observations.






Your opinion is valueable. We understand the page is still not good enough. It is welcome to suggest more what bothers you or what can be concise. We will continue to improve in the future release.


Take a look at this. The image of an "attached device" page shows only about 8-10 devices and you need to scroll to see the many 23 or more others. I also believe that the page needs the abillity to sort the IP by the last octet. I will send an example of what I think would be a much more concise report later.Attached_Devices.jpg


Here is just a sample of a more concise report. 23 devices on a single page, one line each. Again just a quick sample of what could be instead the current bloated, redundant and image laden report. New_Concise_Attached_Devices.jpg


Sorry for the late. The suggestion is good to me. I will bring the idea to PLM for discussion. I also curious what's your background?

I am thinking to propose to our internal team if you can be one of our beta program members.


Hi, Bruce, I agree with the OP that the page shown in the screenshot is poor, but I would say that for those of us with more visual brains the use of icons is actually helpful -- just not quite so large and without the amazing amount of duplication used here.


I definitely agree that there is other info that should be shown in such a list, such as max-link and current TX/RX stats, but also configured VLAN etc.


It is rather dispiriting that so many people have taken the time to write up and commented on ideas here and yet only two of them have been acknowledged by Netgear - the other 143+ are sitting as "new idea" status. If you offer this forum, please treat your customers with respect and transparently consider the ideas proposed.


Hi @rivimey ,


I noticed the same problems since I was onboard last year. I had discussed with my manager and PLM. 

UX, like UI response time, concise and informative content, definitely will be one of engineering focuses for Orbi Pro family.

Perhaps we will early release firmware to you or others to make sure if the UX enhancement meet your expectation in offical release.

 I need to check if this action will violate the company policy. Anyway, I just let you know we have been working on UX improvement for next major release.



Bruce, Engineering product manager