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What is your Experience with NETGEAR Insight cloud management?
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Orbi Pro vlan support

Will the Orbi Pro be getting vlan support? It seems a basic requirement for a business in a product that is offering multiple ssids, particularly for the guest wifi

Seconded, the guest wifi "pseudo isolation" feature is generating more issues than it actually solves problems : slows Windows internet access if AP mode is enabled and local connection is restricted when DNS is on the same IP range, doesn't enable for whole network security and doesn't integrate with existing networking conditions.


Support for VLANing different SSIDs is a basic in corporate networking, I guess the "PRO" in Orbi Pro is just for show?



Every word above is correct.


Orbi Pro is intended as a throw-in standalone solution, not to integrate with existing infrastructure. And yes, the underlying consumer type design has an impact on the performance in AP mode. Don't know exactly what goes wrong with DNS and under what conditions on Orbi Pro in AP mode - some Netgear WiFi routers (router or AP mode) don't allow configuring a DNS IP from the same subnet, others are capturing the DNS traffic why ever (ridiculous!), .... 


Netgear stated several times that implementing VLAN for Orbi Pro is out of scope.

Head to the Netgear Small Business products and look into the Insight managed devices - much (yes MUCH!!!!) easier to deal with in Insight mode than bunches of consumer hardware boxes - and it's among other features supporting industry standard VLANs.

@YeZ hope I'm correct here.


Netgear stated several times that implementing VLAN for Orbi Pro is out of scope.

Can we have a quote / source on that ?


Because the Orbi Pro is advertised as "Orbi Pro delivers business-class seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi that is affordable and easy to install", I would really like to see essential "business-class" feature like industry standard networking principles such as VLANing implemented.

The device is 500$msrp, it's expected to behave properly and rely on more robusts networking capabilities than a simple captive portal... and you also compare it to the insight product range that has some features locked behind a subscription with 1/5th the initial msrp... not inspiring trust...