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What is your Experience with NETGEAR Insight cloud management?
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Orbit Pro SXK80 Insight Feature requests

We are looking to use manage accounts for households using Insight and the Orbi Pro.  Right now, the Insight portal needs some help.  Here are some things I wish it could do:

  • Allow you to rename clients so they are identified easier
  • Only the Router shows up in devices and not the satellite so if someone unplugs the satellite, you don't get any kind of a notification.
  • No way to set up port forwarding remotely.  Have to use the local orbilogin.net and be onsite
  • If you make a change using the cloud, there is nothing that tells you that config is being pushed to the devices.  They should have a status like "configuring" or something... You just have to wait and hope the the command worked.
  • I will say that the portal and app make it very hard to find information.  Like notifications being under Account Management?  That is very un-intuative.  

Other than these things and the delay of using the cloud, I think it is a good solution.  It just needs some work.