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Patch for Krack Vulnerability

ALL FIRMWARE should be updated. More info:


Thanks, NETGEAR Team, for doing the right thing and supporting the R7000 Very Happy


Yes this is great there is an update!

However, can we get confirmation that thi fixes the KRACK exploit? Every other patch mentions it by name - this one doesn't. Thanks!

The R7000 appears to be patched for KRACK exploit, NETGEAR lists it as vulnerable only for firmware version and below.
R7900 with firmware will it fix KRACK I have a Netgear Nighthawk X6 R7900 router and am using firmware version DOSES THIS VERSION OF FIRMWARE FIX THE PROBLEMS CREATED BY KRACK? If it does not fix KRACK what can I do to work around the problem? I have seen Security Advisory for WPA-2 Vulnerabilities PSV-2017-2826, PSV-2017-2836 The listings do not show R7900 I am using my router in BRIDGE MODE Is firmware V1.0.3.8_10.0.37 sufficient to solve the KRACK problem?
A paper presented in October 2018 by those that discovered the original KRACK 2016 vulnerability discloses that previous patches are both at least in part ineffective and that attacks are far easier to successfully perpetuate than originally thought. At least one package, wpa_supplicant up to version 2.6, IS vulnerable to KRACK. The most recent version of wpa_supplicant is 2.7, was released December 2nd 2018, but I am not certain that this version is patched for the latest KRACK exploits. But any firmware released before December 2nd 2018 definitely DOES NOT counter KRACK. Your firmware date is 10/17/2018. So no, your firmware is not patched for KRACK. Will start a new thread on this if anyone is interested or curious as to how NETGEAR responds, if it does, to what I'll call KRACK 2018.
TacoFeline: Please continue with KRACK 2018