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SXK80 Inter-VLAN Firewall Rules

It would be helpful if the SRK80 router supported defining firewall rules between VLANs. This would enable administrators to allow limited access to devices in other VLANs, more precisely than "Network Isolation" on (completely closed) or off (completely open).


A common use case of this feature would be to place IoT devices such as Chromecasts on an IoT VLAN and allow personal devices such as smartphones to control these IoT devices from a personal VLAN, withouth allowing IoT devices to access the personal VLAN. An example of this use-case is illustrated in OpenWRT which is already what the Orbi Pro Wifi 6 firmware is based on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvniZs8q3eU&t=310s


Just bought the SXR80.  Tried setting it up today.  Amazed that this functionality is not available as standard.  Without it the whole VLAN functionality is pretty much useless.  I'll be returning the router and getting something elsewhere that actually fulfills the most basic of use cases.