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Stacking - Device View

We create stacks with multiple Netgear units. These stacks are not located in the same room or location and can be quite a few meters apart. 

It would be easy to be able to see a description in the Device View screen and also a name in the Internet Browser window to avoid mistakes when managing multiple stacks and units.




A netgear Stack with 7 units.Unit 1 is located in Server room 1. Unit 2 is located in Data Cabinet on other location along with Unit 3, Unit 4 is located in another Data cabinet and Unit 5 and 6 are located in another Technical Room. The Unit 6 is linked to Unit 1. The ring is connected using 10 Gbit modules in GBIC slots 51 and 52 (52 port model) or 27 and 28 (26 port model). 

This way we have a ring with multiple units, forming a single stack.

This ring is connected to our Core stack, this stack is using a same method. Uplinks are made in Server room and technical room, forming a LAG of 4 ports (2 in Server room and 2 in Technical Room).


When we manage up to 10 stacks and open 10 Internet Browser Windows, all look the same in the Title Field. This Title contains the type from the first Stack member. This can be very confusing. We have made mistakes before when configuring Unit x from a wrong stack. If the bowser title could contain the name of the switch, configured in the "System name" field, it would be possible to avoid these mistakes. 

Also if the Device View screen could contain a location or unit name, it would be possible to add the physical location there. Same for the VLAN Trunking and PVID screens. There is only a Unit number visible. In this way we need to check and double check multiple times before changing something in our configurations.