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Using Ethernet Backhaul with more than 3 Satellites

I have read on the other forums that with the Orbi Home, people have been able to register more than 3 orbi sattelites. We will need 4 at our small business. Does anyone know what will happen when I try and register the 4th satellite? All will be using ethernet backhaul. If this is not supported, Netgear really needs to allow more than 3 sattelites. Especially when they are all using ethernet backhaul.

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Hi @ryan_db,


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I moved you post here in the Idea Exchange for Business board since your post is more of a feature request.  In this way, the development team can see what feature does users wanted to be added to the functionality of the Orbi Pro System.  


Let me inform you that the more kudos given by community members to your feature request will help as the development team will be checking the post that has the most kudos and might be considered top be implemented. 





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Status changed to: Implemented

Actually Orbi Pro can handle 4 wired satellites.