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fix the misspelling/color on FVS336Gv3 version 4.3.5-3

Hello. I upgraded to 4.3.5-3 this week and turned off UPnP since I no longer was traveling.


In any case, after successfully disabling the feature via Security > UPnP > No/Disable, I got this message, "Operation Succedded." 


          #1 - there is a misspelling in the 2nd word. It now shows, "Succedded," when it should be, "Succeeded."


          #2 - If the operation was successful, why is the color of the message red. Should it not be Green? For those that are color blind, color contrast would help discern a success message from a failure message.


 The first one should be corrected, of course, for English speaking folks. #2 is just a UI observation.


Screenshot is also attached.