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Amazon S3 Backup

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by Geekmaster Follower ‎2016-12-15 12:56 PM - edited ‎2016-12-15 12:57 PM

FIrmware 6.6.  Having a native app to connect the NAS to our AWS S3 storage for device backup would be ideal.  Only way to accomplish it now is by purcahsing a 3rd party service, and then modifying the NAS configuration via SSH (which voids warranty).  Please do this ASAP!  Would make your NAS box so much better.

This month’s PC Magazine has a great overview/tutorial regarding the Internet of Things – cameras, Alexa, thermostats, refrigerators, washers, etc.  It is fairly short and after reading it there should be a general sense of alarm.  Once a device (camera, refrigerator, etc.)  is within your network it can start to launch attacks.  Within the privacy of your LAN network protections are lax.  Network probes coupled with known sniffing solutions can readily determine the type of device, its address and possible strategic value.  Attacks can come in the millions since LAN communication is essentially instantaneous. 


The Netgear NAS devices have one password that needs to be ‘guessed’ prior to access. 


What is needed is a method to set a logon attempt threshold coupled with a timeout value prior to another round of password logon attempts.  This has been the standard in server systems and most workstations for over a decade – it needs to be implemented in this critical device. 


For example…

Retry count = 5, Timeout = 15 minutes. 

Both of these values should be a configuration parameter.  After 5 failed attempts there would be a mandatory 15 minute quiet time prior to acknowledging another logon attempt.  Logon failures should throw an effort message and if desired an email message as well.


The amount of effort required should be low but the improvement in security would be immense.


Eventually the ReadyNAS will be targeted in a 'proff of concept' exploit.  Hopefully this change will be accepted and implemented prior to that event. 

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Hubic cloud sync app

Status: New Idea
by bubu Aspirant on ‎2017-03-15 04:26 PM

Dear all,


Would it be possible to have Hubic cloud sync app for ReadyNAS x86?


There is existing API for Hubic : 


But I don't have habilities to do such APP.


More details on Hubic :


Thank you


Really missed functions

Status: New Idea
by kekegsm Guide on ‎2017-05-03 10:48 PM

There are some missing functions, what can make the OS6 better:



- An web based office package can be good, specially on higher category ReadyNAS boxes. Synology has already example, but there is the too. Document Editor, Spreadsheet Editor, Presentation Editor and an email client.

- A "midnight commander"-like filetool can be usefull in GUI

- Mail server missing too



-Onedrive support



- More advanced fan control is necessary. The auto RPM control is ok, but need some settings. Can be good to set the min and max RPM to every fan, or bring back the calibration.

- In Performance page, a CPU and Memory utilization can be usefull. Like task manager in Windows.

- On legacy models, the 3 fan profile (Quiet, Balanced, Cool) not perfect. I think, originaly the plan was: Quiet-low RPM, minimum cooling. Cool-max RPM, cold like Alaska. Balanced-A thermal controlled cooling, control the fans between min and max, depend on temperatures.

But now not really difference between the settings. Is it on new models too, or on legacy only?

- Need support for more UPS. Lot of user like save money, and buy a cheaper UPS, not APC. I tried 10-15 UPS, but only the APC models have fine connection. MGE/Eaton, Centralion, Mustek, Legrand, Trust, FSP, SPS-> not work. The NAS feel something there, it feel it is an UPS, but no data, no battery info -> no auto shutdown when electricity down.


BTRFS Plus app

by Retired_Member on ‎2016-04-15 02:36 AM


It would be interesting and very useful to have more information about the status of the BTRFS volume(s), and more control on them. Like seeing the data allocation, metadata allocation, the list of snapshots, the ability to run specific balance, pause/cancel balance etc.

Including this (or some of it) in main GUI might create confusion to most of the users. Instead, it could be available in a "Plus" app, like SMB Plus and Anti-Virus Plus.



# btrfs filesystem usage /data
    Device size:                 461.13GiB
    Device allocated:             15.03GiB
    Device unallocated:          446.11GiB
    Device missing:                  0.00B
    Used:                         12.26GiB
    Free (estimated):            446.88GiB      (min: 223.83GiB)
    Data ratio:                       1.00
    Metadata ratio:                   1.99
    Global reserve:               32.00MiB      (used: 0.00B)

Data,single: Size:13.00GiB, Used:12.23GiB
   /dev/md127     13.00GiB

Metadata,single: Size:8.00MiB, Used:0.00B
   /dev/md127      8.00MiB

Metadata,DUP: Size:1.00GiB, Used:17.94MiB
   /dev/md127      2.00GiB

System,single: Size:4.00MiB, Used:0.00B
   /dev/md127      4.00MiB

System,DUP: Size:8.00MiB, Used:32.00KiB
   /dev/md127     16.00MiB

   /dev/md127    446.11GiB
# btrfs balance start --help
usage: btrfs balance start [options] <path>

    Balance chunks across the devices

    Balance and/or convert (change allocation profile of) chunks that
    passed all filters in a comma-separated list of filters for a
    particular chunk type.  If filter list is not given balance all
    chunks of that type.  In case none of the -d, -m or -s options is
    given balance all chunks in a filesystem.

    -d[filters]    act on data chunks
    -m[filters]    act on metadata chunks
    -s[filters]    act on system chunks (only under -f)
    -v             be verbose
    -f             force reducing of metadata integrity
# btrfs balance --help
usage: btrfs balance <command> [options] <path>
   or: btrfs balance <path>

    btrfs balance start [options] <path>
        Balance chunks across the devices
    btrfs balance pause <path>
        Pause running balance
    btrfs balance cancel <path>
        Cancel running or paused balance
    btrfs balance resume <path>
        Resume interrupted balance
    btrfs balance status [-v] <path>
        Show status of running or paused balance
# btrfs subvolume list -s /data
ID 292 gen 180 cgen 180 top level 278 otime 2016-03-16 16:15:27 path test1/.snapshots/7/snapshot
ID 350 gen 328 cgen 328 top level 278 otime 2016-03-19 00:00:14 path test2/.snapshots/63/snapshot
ID 680 gen 1361 cgen 1361 top level 643 otime 2016-03-31 00:00:23 path clone_test1/.snapshots/13/snapshot

OneDrive in OS6

by tjuanma Guide on ‎2016-04-06 02:04 AM

Please put the OneDrive Sync natively in OS6! Smiley Very Happy


it would be great!

Better web GUI file explorer

Status: New Idea
by redstamp Apprentice on ‎2016-07-31 03:07 AM

Massive improvements could be made to the ReadyNAS OS6 file explorer capability - I'm not exactly a fan of Windows software, but even using Microsoft's embedded File Explorer as a benchmark would be a vast improvement - here's a few examples:


1) ability to choose to over-write files that already exist in the destination directory, as opposed to creating copies automatically

2) enhanced reporting on directory sizes and number of files (as only directory sizes reported for the Shares

3) changing the view to include a file preview window

4) more information on file properties

5) ability to play well known video file types from a preview window

6) changing the size of the display, so more files can be displayed on a single screen

Over in this issue we were discussing bugs in email notifications in OS 6.4.2.  It's nice to see that's been fixed in 6.5.0 but I noticed a strange behavior that apparently isn't a bug, but could lead to a useful idea.


  • Go to System -> Settings -> Alerts
  • Add an Alert contact email address
  • Go to Email Options and choose a Custom provider
  • In the Advanced Options, set your SMTP server and port and set the From field to something like
  • Hit Send Test Message and Apply

You should now get an email to the alert contact email address from  You also get a popup window telling you the email was sent, and you click Ok.


You get a little spinny, then the popup window goes away.  Now your From field is reset back to your alert contact email address.


It would be cool if the From address wasn't reset.

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I think you should be able to hide the snapshots folder from the client, but still be able to use the Previous Versions tab in Windows.


Maybe the latter cannot work without the former, but in proper Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (Previous Versions), no snapshot folder exists, let alone visible.

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Dedicated Photos Mobile/Desktop App

Status: New Idea
by realtek1 Aspirant on ‎2017-04-24 03:29 AM

It would be really useful if we can have a dedicated Photos App on the iPhone and Android to sync photos with the ReadyNAS which can also offer Optimization (to keep high res photos on the NAS if phone is low on space).


The current ReadyCLOUD app is ok(ish) but the photos functionality is terrible it does not often work and it would be really good if a new dedicate app can be avaiasble where you can also view all the photos and sort them etc...


It would mean we can have a fully dedicated cloud solution for photos without having to use providers such as iCloud and Google Photos.


+ A desktop sync version would also be really good as a future product.

Configurable drive space warnings

Status: New Idea
by Nyukcubed Follower on ‎2016-09-29 12:51 PM

I'd like to see the alert for the remaining disk space configurable. I'm getting warnings at less than 30% remaining. I'd like to be able to set it myself. I'm more concerend when it gets down to around 10-15%.

Mistakes with static IP address configuration can interfere with ReadyCloud, email alerts, time sync, check for updates, ...  Sometimes ISP DNS servers won't reach ReadyCloud.


It would be useful to have a "test internet connection" control on the network page, that would ping ReadyCloud (or some other netgear server) and ensure that there is internet connectivity.  It could potentially also report a clear error message if there is no DNS server configured.  


A general "ping" test, where the user enters a hostname or IP address would also be useful.

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Progress for backup and file copy

Status: New Idea
by mattb5906 Guide ‎2017-04-21 10:15 AM - edited ‎2017-04-21 10:31 AM

Please can we have more of an indication of progress during file copies and backups. A progress bar and or the truncated path of the file currently being copied.


For manual directory copies, under the Shares -> Browse, it shows as exactly 1 hour remaining for 20+ minutes before changing to a calculated time and displaying a progress bar. If the expected duration is unknown/being calculated then display that, not some ficticious number.


Status: New Idea
by Kezooz Star on ‎2016-12-23 07:55 PM

Come on Netgear can you please write an app for your ReadyNAS range so I can backup to Microsofts OneDrive. If I had done my research properly I would have purchased an ASUSTOR or QNAP who have such an app.

Hi there,


From an ssh login / bash prompt on my 314 (OS 6.4.2), if I try and move a large file from one share (BTRFS subvolume) to another, it is extremely slow.

My current workaround for speeding things up, is to run two commands:


cp -a --reflink=auto /data/source-share/file /data/destination-share/
rm /data/source-share/file

However, in version 8.24 of coreutils, "mv will try a reflink before falling back to a standard copy, which is more efficient when moving files across BTRFS subvolume boundaries."

It would be useful if OS6 could be upgraded to coreutils 8.24 or above (the current coreutils on OS 6.4.2 is 8.13-3.5)


It would be nice if there was a method for the USB drives that are mounted to show the "Mount Name" eg usb_hdd_1 on the Overview Frontpage. Currently the overview only shows the Drive Make/Model of the USB device which is kind of useless info. It's also pointless manually naming the drive as this doesn't help if the drive mounts as different name (which happens).  Why not include the Mount Name as well or make the Mount Name the Info that shows. 


Reason:  When swapping out the USB Drive for Backup Rotation, its important to first check the Drive mount name. Currently one has to select Shares and then scroll down to "External" to check the name. One step too many (and shouldn't be necessary).


It's important to check this, as the Rsync Backup Job destination are pointing to this mount example: Rsync, backs up to -  Localhost - usb_hdd_1.  I need to ensure usb_hdd_1 is loaded and not usb_hdd_2 etc etc.  

Its one less step to educate clients about. 


While I like the concept that a person can get full access to shared folders and get a private Home folder without being a local user on the NAS, that leads to a local user having to have a second ID to get remote access.  Consider this example:


Mary is a local user and has a local ID of Mary and has a Home folder called Mary.


In order to acces the ReadyNAS when remote, Mary is now set up as a ReadyCloud account under the name marysmith and has to have a different email address.  Her new Home folder is called marysmith.


While working on the network, Mary puts a document in her "Mary" Home folder.  Mary now leaves her local network and is working on her computer at the coffee shop.  She logs into the ReadyNAS via ReadyCloud with her marysmith ID.


Mary now has a different Home folder (marysmith) and cannot see the "Mary" Home folder.  If marysmith needs the document she put  in the "Mary" Home folder, how does she get it?


A user cannot always predict what files he.she wil need before they leave the local network. Do you see the problem?


I think it would be good to find a way that a local user can use the same ID and Home folder whether local to the network or remote using ReadyCloud.  The dual IDs and log-ins is confusing.  I believe some of the competitor's products have already figured this out.






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It would be nice when there would be a checkbox to filter "given access"


This checkbox would filter only access with checkboxes activated.

So you se only users /groups were you granted access.

When there are many users / groups listed it would be easy to check if the granted access is correct.



Rotating hardlink + rsync jobs (like Replicate)

Status: New Idea
by Retired_Member on ‎2016-08-05 12:30 PM

I believe the rotating backups done by Replicate are very good, and I do something similar for my external backup to USB. But because the GUI doesn't support it and Replicate doesn't support USB HDDs, I have to do it by hand.

It would be very useful if the GUI could allow to switch between a "folder to folder" backup and a rotation backup with one folder per occurence.

The "folder to folder" is what it does now, pushes all the data left to right, cumulating, overwriting, etc.

The rotating backups would create a folder per occurence of backup job. First it would create a new folder with hardlink of the last one (cp -al) and then an rsync left to right (rsync -a --delete --exclude 'snapshot').

This way each folder correspond to the exact state of the source at the time it was created and only the new data uses space.



NAS1/share (uses 900GB)

NAS2/share/2016-08-02_19-05-00 (uses 850GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-02_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-03_19-05-00 (uses 75GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-03_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-04_19-05-00 (uses 25GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-04_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-05_19-05-00 (uses 80GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-05_19-05-00)

One of the things that ReadyDataOS had that ReadtNASOS does not is the ability to move a volume (not the whole array) from one physical device to another with the export/import capability.  With the ReadyData apparently a failed experiment, it would be nice to migrate that capability to the ReadyNAS line.  While most useful on the larger rack-mount systems and multiple NASes in an enterprise environment, I can see uses on other machines,  The ability to export and later re-import a backup volume would allow one to safely physically remove that volume for storage offsite.  That would be quite helpful now that drive sizes are getting huge and fewer external devices are available that are large enough for NAS backups.


Yes, you probably couldn't easily implement export/import between ARM and Intel based products, but at least allowing it on some (maybe limited by processor or memory constraints) would be good. 

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