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This month’s PC Magazine has a great overview/tutorial regarding the Internet of Things – cameras, Alexa, thermostats, refrigerators, washers, etc.  It is fairly short and after reading it there should be a general sense of alarm.  Once a device (camera, refrigerator, etc.)  is within your network it can start to launch attacks.  Within the privacy of your LAN network protections are lax.  Network probes coupled with known sniffing solutions can readily determine the type of device, its address and possible strategic value.  Attacks can come in the millions since LAN communication is essentially instantaneous. 


The Netgear NAS devices have one password that needs to be ‘guessed’ prior to access. 


What is needed is a method to set a logon attempt threshold coupled with a timeout value prior to another round of password logon attempts.  This has been the standard in server systems and most workstations for over a decade – it needs to be implemented in this critical device. 


For example…

Retry count = 5, Timeout = 15 minutes. 

Both of these values should be a configuration parameter.  After 5 failed attempts there would be a mandatory 15 minute quiet time prior to acknowledging another logon attempt.  Logon failures should throw an effort message and if desired an email message as well.


The amount of effort required should be low but the improvement in security would be immense.


Eventually the ReadyNAS will be targeted in a 'proff of concept' exploit.  Hopefully this change will be accepted and implemented prior to that event. 

Shutdown when backup job is complete

Status: New Idea
by jak0lantash Luminary on ‎2017-03-09 12:17 PM

Reposting deleted idea:


There is an option to automatically eject a USB HDD when a backup job is done.

I use a backup NAS with a power schedule, so it's powered on only during the night for backup jobs to run (from another NAS to this backup NAS).

As I want to ensure that the jobs are complete before the power schedule kicks in, I must leave a few hours of margin, but it's not optimized. I'd like to be able to configure the last job as shutting down the NAS when finished. So my backup NAS would boot up, run the jobs and shut down when done. Simply.

Also, during the day time, I'd like to be able to plug in a USB HDD, and press the backup button for the backup button job to run, and automatically eject and shutdown the NAS once completed.

BTRFS Plus app

Status: New Idea
by jak0lantash Luminary on ‎2017-03-09 12:13 PM

Reposting deleted idea:



It would be interesting and very useful to have more information about the status of the BTRFS volume(s), and more control on them, from the GUI. Like seeing the data allocation, metadata allocation, the list of snapshots, the ability to run specific balance, pause/cancel balance etc.

Including this (or some of it) in main GUI might create confusion to most of the users. Instead, it could be available in a "Plus" app, like SMB Plus and Anti-Virus Plus.



# btrfs filesystem usage /data
    Device size:                 461.13GiB
    Device allocated:             15.03GiB
    Device unallocated:          446.11GiB
    Device missing:                  0.00B
    Used:                         12.26GiB
    Free (estimated):            446.88GiB      (min: 223.83GiB)
    Data ratio:                       1.00
    Metadata ratio:                   1.99
    Global reserve:               32.00MiB      (used: 0.00B)

Data,single: Size:13.00GiB, Used:12.23GiB
   /dev/md127     13.00GiB

Metadata,single: Size:8.00MiB, Used:0.00B
   /dev/md127      8.00MiB

Metadata,DUP: Size:1.00GiB, Used:17.94MiB
   /dev/md127      2.00GiB

System,single: Size:4.00MiB, Used:0.00B
   /dev/md127      4.00MiB

System,DUP: Size:8.00MiB, Used:32.00KiB
   /dev/md127     16.00MiB

   /dev/md127    446.11GiB
# btrfs balance start --help
usage: btrfs balance start [options] <path>

    Balance chunks across the devices

    Balance and/or convert (change allocation profile of) chunks that
    passed all filters in a comma-separated list of filters for a
    particular chunk type.  If filter list is not given balance all
    chunks of that type.  In case none of the -d, -m or -s options is
    given balance all chunks in a filesystem.

    -d[filters]    act on data chunks
    -m[filters]    act on metadata chunks
    -s[filters]    act on system chunks (only under -f)
    -v             be verbose
    -f             force reducing of metadata integrity
# btrfs balance --help
usage: btrfs balance <command> [options] <path>
   or: btrfs balance <path>

    btrfs balance start [options] <path>
        Balance chunks across the devices
    btrfs balance pause <path>
        Pause running balance
    btrfs balance cancel <path>
        Cancel running or paused balance
    btrfs balance resume <path>
        Resume interrupted balance
    btrfs balance status [-v] <path>
        Show status of running or paused balance
# btrfs subvolume list -s /data
ID 292 gen 180 cgen 180 top level 278 otime 2016-03-16 16:15:27 path test1/.snapshots/7/snapshot
ID 350 gen 328 cgen 328 top level 278 otime 2016-03-19 00:00:14 path test2/.snapshots/63/snapshot
ID 680 gen 1361 cgen 1361 top level 643 otime 2016-03-31 00:00:23 path clone_test1/.snapshots/13/snapshot

Possibility to search existing ideas

Status: New Idea
by jak0lantash Luminary on ‎2017-03-09 12:14 PM

Reposting deleted idea: 


To avoid posting duplicates, it'd be nice to be able to search existing ideas (not the case at the moment)

Backup job progress indicator

Status: New Idea
by leo037 Guide on ‎2017-02-22 08:03 PM

It would be great if the backup jobs had a progress indicator


x of 100% based on file count or data set size, etc



I'm currently waiting for a job to complete that's multi-terebyte and I look at either the backup job "in progress" or at my Meraki dashboard and see the traffic still flowing. 




It'd be great if there was a way to get email notifications when ReadyCloud/Remote services are disrupted and when they are restored.  An opt-in for these notifications could be done on the ReadyCloud and Remote portals.

There have been several cases where inadvertent deletion of a ReadyCloud user account has result in massive data loss because the user's home folder is deleted.


The system shouldn't delete these folders so easily.  I suggest that there should be a system setting which preserves user folders when the user account is deleted (for any user account, not just readycloud), and that it should be turned on by default.  The administrator could then manually delete a folder via the web ui.

Exclude one folder from Amazon Cloud sync

Status: New Idea
by mrQQ Guide on ‎2017-03-01 02:31 AM



when backuping a Share to Amazon Cloud, would be nice to be able to exclude one or more folders.

Hi All,


it will be nice if after a disk test in the mail there is also disk/smart info.



Backup job dry-­run

Status: New Idea
by jak0lantash Luminary on ‎2017-03-09 12:11 PM

Reposting deleted idea:


It would be very useful if it was possible to perform a dry-­run test from the GUI on backup-­jobs, to confirm
that everything is working properly.
For example, running an rsync backup job with the deletion option activated can be catastrophic if there is
the slightest error in the configuration of the job. Doing a dry-run would allow to confirm the job is OK
before Applying the changes to it.

Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly health report

Status: New Idea
by jak0lantash Luminary on ‎2017-03-09 12:19 PM

Reposting deleted idea:



As not all health events are sent by mail (and that disk alert thresholds are crazy imho), I think it would be interesting to be able to schedule a health report to be sent weekly, or monthly, or quarterly, by e-mail.

Disk alerting thresholds:

I'd like to regularly receive a mail telling me about the health of my HDDs, as well as my space usage and if there was any event I should know of (new F/W available, volume is getting unbalanced, etc.)



For example, on Synology DSM, it's possible to schedule it and receive something like this:

(it's not enough information for me, but at least, there is some info)


Disk 4:
        Disk Reconnection Count 0
        Bad Sector Count 0
        Disk Re-identification Count 0

Disk 3:
        Disk Reconnection Count 0
        Bad Sector Count 0
        Disk Re-identification Count 0

Disk 2:
        Disk Reconnection Count 0
        Bad Sector Count 0
        Disk Re-identification Count 0

Disk 1:
        Disk Reconnection Count 0
        Bad Sector Count 0
        Disk Re-identification Count 0

Reposting deleted idea:


I believe the rotating backups done by Replicate are very good, and I do something similar for my external backup to USB. But because the GUI doesn't support it and Replicate doesn't support USB HDDs, I have to do it by hand.

It would be very useful if the GUI could allow to switch between a "folder to folder" backup and a rotation backup with one folder per occurence.

The "folder to folder" is what it does now, pushes all the data left to right, cumulating, overwriting, etc.

The rotating backups would create a folder per occurence of backup job. First it would create a new folder with hardlink of the last one (cp -al) and then an rsync left to right (rsync -a --delete --exclude 'snapshot').

This way each folder correspond to the exact state of the source at the time it was created and only the new data uses space.



NAS1/share (uses 900GB)

NAS2/share/2016-08-02_19-05-00 (uses 850GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-02_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-03_19-05-00 (uses 75GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-03_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-04_19-05-00 (uses 25GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-04_19-05-00)

NAS2/share/2016-08-05_19-05-00 (uses 80GB - exact state of NAS1/share at 2016-08-05_19-05-00)

ExFAT support

Status: New Idea
by Sandshark Prodigy on ‎2017-02-11 01:48 PM

ExFAT has become the file system of choice for large USB flash drives.  A Debian package for it already exists and should be integrated into ReadyNAS OS 6.x.

USB recomandations

Status: New Idea
by aalexandrebeta Hero on ‎2017-03-06 10:05 PM
Brwosing topics on this community makes me think that there is a lack of precise and clear recommendations on that matter.


This should be interresting to have clearer recommandations on the HDD, type of partition and so on just to save users time and NG's!

Often WD and SG casing use a proprietary program and their own way to configure witch disturb NG a bit. On the contrary generic equipment do not have those issues. When people have 2, 3 partitions on their drives it messes it a bit!


I am a bit a pain in the botom but having to deal with parents and relatives a bit grumpy they need a procedure!


So clear steps and precise instruction would avoid some mess!!



Wiht OS 6, a scrub might cause shutdown to be deferred, but balance, defrag, and disk test will not.  I'd want (actually expect) these functions to run to completion.


This should really be a configurable option in the GUI.

Hardware raid?

Status: New Idea
by leo037 Guide on ‎2017-02-21 08:00 PM

Would be nice to have hardware raid for faster volume builds

Amazon Cloud Drive

Status: New Idea
by Zonker Apprentice on ‎2016-06-15 06:13 AM

The default action with the Amazon Cloud Drive is to Sync.  I would like to see an option added to just backup the ReadyNAS shares to Amazon Cloud Drive and not Sync.



Volume encryption option during setup wizard

Status: New Idea
by leo037 Guide on ‎2017-02-20 05:53 PM

Would be great of there was an option out of the box upon setup to encrypt a volume rather than having to go through the whole setup, have the volume get created and start syncing. 


Unless someone actually goes through a full setup and then deletes a volume. There's no way to encrypt it. You'll never even see the option to do it.


Status: New Idea
by Kezooz Star on ‎2016-12-23 07:55 PM

Come on Netgear can you please write an app for your ReadyNAS range so I can backup to Microsofts OneDrive. If I had done my research properly I would have purchased an ASUSTOR or QNAP who have such an app.

USB HDD eraser

Status: New Idea
by aalexandrebeta Hero on ‎2017-03-04 12:26 AM

It would be interresting to be able to clean zero write HDD connected via USB instead of having to dismont a PC and plug it and zero write.

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