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Add CUPS for ReadyNAS OS 6

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by TBeckler Follower on ‎2016-07-27 10:27 AM

Add Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) as an App or as a build in functionality. The ReadyNAS will benefit as a central point for the home network

Fully selectable alerts

by Sandshark Mentor on ‎2016-03-24 09:41 PM

Why, oh why do you just assume that everyone will want some alert types enabled?  Just give me all the options; don't grey any out.  For example, I have 4 NAS's sharing one UPS.  I don't need all 4 telling me there is a problem with it, especially when it's one not directly connected and usually just a quick loss of communications with the NAS that is directly connected.

Currently the Android app for ReadyCLOUD will only upload pictures, with no method to handle videos. Compared to the Buffalo offering, this is an obviously missing feature. For practical reasons, this makes space management and backups very cumbersome.

Proposed change to ReadyNas firmware

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by Digital999 Apprentice on ‎2016-11-04 05:10 AM

Because of network topology it is often not possible to protect the ReadyNAS device from internal (to the network) hacks or security compromises.


Passwords are a good start.


What would be a great addition and probably not too much development is to implement a password failure count and after so many failures refuse attampts for 30 minutes or so. 


Make it a configuration option.

Enable Rsync support for Home Folders

by 2ndNAS Star on ‎2015-12-03 07:58 AM

Any reason why Rsync is disabled for the Home Folders?


Not sure it has ever been supportet, but to overcome this retriction one would have to abandon the Home Folders and create standard shares instead.

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I would like to see more logging taking place with the ReadyCloud Application in Windows.  Example:  Status.log could indicate sync start and stop with success/failure information.  Or maybe Event Viewer can track the success/failures.  


I am trying to monitor the application remotly and it is hard to do without some sort of events to track.  



Automatic Amazon Cloud Sync

Status: New Idea
by Gary-T-C Follower on ‎2016-09-02 07:41 AM

Sorry if this is already somewhere on the forum . . . .


I was using the iDrive app to backup to iDrive but I had so many issues with my account that I switched to Amazon Backup for just a little more each year.  It's great you can sync easily from the ReadyNAS to the Amazon Cloud but it would give me more peace of mind if you could set it up so that the ReadyNAS automatically Syncs at set intervals as you could with the iDrive App.


Is this already possible and I've missed it or is it something that could be developed?

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ReadyNAS as an NT4 PDC

by steveoelliott Luminary on ‎2016-03-18 10:44 AM

I was wondering if it could be possible in future to allow the ReadyNAS to be setup as an NT4 PDC using Samba. I deal with many small businesses who do not need a full blown windows 2008/2012 server setup but would like more than the basic user security the ReadyNAS currently offers.


Having the ability to set this up as a PDC would mean users could log onto any machine on the LAN providing the machine is joined to the domain. Currently users have to be configured at each workstation etc.


There are also lots of other benefits to having NT4 domain functionality on these devices.


I know it can be hacked in the backend to work as a PDC but I am after a fully supported solution.

Amazon Drive sync pause/resume/scheduling

Status: New Idea
by martinhj Apprentice on ‎2016-07-28 11:27 PM

Having decided to sync all my photos on Amazon Drive I am no syncing 184GB of data which is taking days and days and days. bearing in mind I only have limited upload it is permanently killing my entire Internet connection.


It would be useful to have a pause/resume button to stop and restart it easily from the GUI and also the ability to schedule the times the sync process is allowed to run for people without massive upload bandwidth



USB HDD eraser

Status: New Idea
by aalexandrebeta Hero on ‎2017-03-04 12:26 AM

It would be interresting to be able to clean zero write HDD connected via USB instead of having to dismont a PC and plug it and zero write.

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E-Mail Alerts-More control needed

Status: New Idea
by rjwerth Luminary on ‎2016-09-17 07:00 AM

I'm getting way too many e-mails with too much "unneeded" info.  Half the notification options are greyed out and it would be good to have options for each one turning off notifications for anthing non-critical.  I don't need an email telling me the UPS is OK or that every backup job was completed.  I only want to know when they didn't complete.

Apparently factory default to RAID5 is still standard on 6-bay units, even with ReadyOS 6.6+.

I realize most customers might not want/need this, but the work of allowing the factory install complete, destroying the volume, creating a Flex-RAID RAID6 volume, then converting it:

  • Takes a substantial amount of time, both for the hardware and customer
  • Likely results in sub-optimal volume layout


Can't the OS just provide a selectable option on Factory Default?

ReadyCloud music player?

by gannont77 Initiate on ‎2015-09-27 04:14 PM

This is a repost from another topic...


Hello, new to the community but a Netgear user for years.


Just wondering if there could be an embedded music player added to ReadyCloud? I've gotten things working on a Nighthawk router with attached USB, also a ReadyNAS 104 to where I can log in to ReadyCloud and access shared files remotely over another wifi network, etc. However, streaming only one song at a time is a little frustrating at best... and I haven't found any other way to tap directly into my files on ReadyCloud.


I'd love to be able even to play a whole folder remotely over wifi or 4G on an android device right from ReadyCloud, if it were possible. This is the first and only way I've been able to easily access files on my home server remotely. I consider myself reasonably savvy, but some of the advanced networking stuff is beyond me. I think there's an opportunity for improvement here to help users like me.


I looked into Plex and Subsonic; neither one worked for me as easily as going straight from ReadyCloud.


Thank you- big fan of the great products Netgear has been supplying for years!

ReadyNAS Live Q&A with Designers

Status: New Idea
by douglas_cheung NETGEAR Expert on ‎2016-09-26 08:34 AM

Hello all,


There is a live Q&A hosted by ReadyNAS tomorrow.  The designers of ReadyNAS will join and take your questions and product ideas.


Here is the link.


Join!  It should be fun.




UPS improvement for ReadyNAS OS 6.5 RC2

Status: New Idea
by gyves1 Guide on ‎2016-05-07 01:14 AM

I have an Eaton Ellipse ECO 1600, the UPS model is recognized by the readnas, but not really manageable.

I think the UPS feature should more improve in the next FW.

This night at 11:00pm, I had a power cut in my city, I have received a message from ReadyNAS to warn me about the UPC switching in mode battery, then a notice for shuting because the battery was low after 1 hour.

At 2:30am, the power was back...but the ReadyNas still powered off...For me, the ReadyNas should have returned to the previous power state, isn't it

Backup Jobs to WebDAV over HTTP(s)

Status: New Idea
by Azalin Initiate on ‎2016-07-24 12:35 AM

When setting up a backup job on the current firmware (6.5.1) you have several options as your remote target. But WebDAV over HTTP(s) is not one of them. In my case this limits my capabilities of having an automatic offsite backup because the server I have 1TB backup space available is only accepting WebDAV as a means to transport files to. I have seen several people wanting to do this as well but failed. There is however someone who has set this up by compiling and running davfs2 on his NAS but I am not about to venture into the world of cluttering my NAS with Build Tools just so I can backup onto a WebDAV server. It would be great to have this as one of the possible targets in the Backup Jobs, or maybe even have a generic Cloud based sollution on the Cloud tab.


Sincerely yours,


I'd like to request a feature I think would be very useful. 


I'd like to be able to browse to ISO files on my NAS, click on the ISO, and be able to share the ISO.  This way I could have network shares with all the media I need mounted in them.


Feedback, anyone?

I was wondering if it could be possible in future to allow the ReadyNAS to be setup as Domain Controller using Samba. I deal with many small businesses who do not need a full blown windows 2008/2012 server setup but would like more than the basic user security the ReadyNAS currently offers.


Having the ability to set this up as a Domain Controller would mean users could log onto any machine on the LAN providing the machine is joined to the domain. Currently users have to be configured at each workstation etc.


There are also lots of other benefits to having domain functionality on these devices.


(Please note I appologise for the duplicate idea post but I could not edit my earlier submission where I only mentioned NT4 PDC.)

Shutdown on failed disk

Status: New Idea
by vandermerwe Master on ‎2017-04-19 12:19 PM

This feature is great when the NAS is unattended, however in the event that a removed or failed disk is replaced with a new disk, the shutdown should be cancelled. Currently the NAS will shutdown even when a new disk is inserted immediately (the case with a disk replacement)
Perhaps the GUI could allow a user to cancel the scheduled shotdown if a new disk is inserted within the 30 minute window.

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Firmware Updates - minimizing problems

Status: New Idea
by davidr1 Luminary on ‎2017-06-22 05:51 PM

There have been, IMHO, too many Firmware Updates that broke previously working functions, such as recognising usb drives, backing up to a folder in /media when a usb drive is not present but a backup is scheduled and most recently breaking rsync.

These have now been corrected but they should not have occurred.

Having had a career in Defence Unix computer systems I know the complexity of coding, the importance of eloquent and logical coding and, very importantly, of documentation.

I am sure Netgear programmers do too. But a few things have gone very, very wrong resulting in loss of data sometimes, loss of ease of use, loss of critical functions and customer loyalty, etc. until fixed (though loss of customers may be permanent).

So, what can be done?

Well, I would like to suggest that Netgear permit users to offer themselves as Beta testers long before Updates are released.

Due to upgrading, many users have a unit that could be used for testing. Many have the time - many don't. But we all need reliability.

Generally speaking users have habits and one user's habits may only 'stress' a small subset of a system update but overall most things should get tested due to the mere numbers of testers who collectively will test most aspects of the OS.

Do not take this the wrong way. I know all too well the importance of testing and the limitations of resources in any organisation to thoroughly test.

I anticipate that some will say this would slow down the release process. Perhaps, but a timeframe could be applied. And do we want more confidence when Updates are released or wait before we decide to update and look at the forum for problems that are occurring?

So what about it, Netgear? Will you let us (or some of us) help you?

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