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GC108PP Cloud Features

Dear Netgear-Forum,


i just bought a new Switch (GC108PP) and have a couple questions / problems:


Right after connecting the switch for the first time, i was not able to do any config at all.

I had to "Register" the product and then i had to unlock it.


So now i would like to know, why I am forced to register the switch? The support told me, that the Cloud-part is optional!

2nd: Since the Device is constantly talking home: What data does the switch transfer and is there any list available?

3rd: Is there any way to disable it?

4th: Is there any way to disable the annoying "Notice" that my device is locally managed?

5th: In case i have to Factory-Reset the Device, do i need to unlock it again?


It would be great if i can get some answers, since i also bought a new Netgear AP WAC540 which is also "Inside Cloud" and was also promised to work without the Cloud.

Will i have the same problems with the Wifi AP?



I am really dissapointed.

I just wanted a good Wifi AP and matching PoE-Switch to power it.

This whole "forcing/annoying your users to use the cloud" is disgusting.


And before someone says it: I knew that the product stated "Cloud Managed" but i was always under the impression (and the Netgear-Support told me...) that they can be managed without the Cloud like a "normal" managed Device.



If this is really the new way of Netgear, i will do what your tech-support recommended (instead of answering any of the above questions): Buy from another company.....



Kind regards,


Model: GC108PP|Insight Managed 8-port Gigabit Ethernet High-Power PoE+ Smart Cloud Switch with FlexPoE Power
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Re: GC108PP Cloud Features



Welcome to our community! Smiley Happy


My apologies for that. But this is also for you to register it to your account and may claim a warranty just in case the switch became faulty. You may read more about it here.


Why do I need to register my NETGEAR Smart Managed Pro Switch?





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