GC110 MAC Address VLAN Help


GC110 MAC Address VLAN Help



I'm trying to setup a mac address based vlan on my GC110 switch through the local web interface.

I've attached an image of my network topology.


Basically, I've created 3 mac address based VLANS:

VLAN1 - home computer

VLAN10 - security camera appliance

VLAN11 - TV devices (Android TV and 2 Amazon firesticks)


Since my AC86U router is acting as the DHCP server, all devices are assigned an IP address within range.


The problem I'm having is that I've installed an app on one of the firestick devices that does a network scan. I was thinking the app would only show the devices within that VLAN, however, upon finishing the scan, it basically showed everything from all VLANS. Is it because all the devices are within the same subnet? Is it possible to configure the network so that these devices can only see each other within the same VLAN?


I'm still new to VLAN concepts so if you know what to do, please ELI5 it to me.


PS> if i'm missing any important info, please let me know.




Model: GC110|8-Port Gigabit Ethernet App Managed Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP Fiber Ports
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Re: GC110 MAC Address VLAN Help

Here again ... by definition a VLAN is a dedicated, isolated network, a dedicated broadcast domain ... systems connected to one VLAN can't see devices on other VLANs, won't get IP addresses from a DHCP server on a different network. Suspect you have tried to configure what is called asymmetric VLAN config - unfortunately, this is not a standard 802.1q VLAN feature as implemented on many smaller or basic VLAN capable switches.

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