Insight Cloud Portal Not compatible with my Management Vlan

I have been trying to use two switches with set up and configuration throught the insight cloud portal. However, it seems that at the current time, Netgear forces you to use Vlan1 as your management Vlan. (confirmed with Netgear support). This does not work for our environment because we only use Vlan 4 and Vlan5. We have over 300 networks so we are not going to reconfigured our whole network to make this work. Netgear needs to make a change on the Insight Portal to allow the customer to chose the management Vlan that is configured for their current environment. If you try to force this type of change, I lose connectivity from the cloud to the switch and I am forced to factor default the switch and remove it from Insight. I have spoke to Netgear support and they said it is not possible to change the management Vlan from 1 using Insight Portal. Forcing all customers to use Vlan1 with no option to change should be addressed and updated. This appears to be a limitation of the cloud portal only. We are able to do this if we configure each switch locally. Every company uses their own vlan numbering scheme so Netgear should make this change so that if you want to use the Insight Portal and your envirnoment does not have a Vlan 1 you will be able to change the right vlan for management on your network.  

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Re: Insight Cloud Portal Not compatible with my Management Vlan



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Your concern has already been raised as feature request and its under review by the development team.  There's No ETA yet on when its going to be implemented. 






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