Insight Pro Network Management System Found Superior for MSPs vs. Ubiquiti & Zyxel

NETGEAR Insight Tolly Group ReportNETGEAR Insight Tolly Group ReportThe Insight Network Management System managing an ecosystem of Cloud Managed Switches, VPN Routers, Access Points and NAS Storage continues to impress daily with new features and functionaility in addition to expanding management of hardware. Just recently we launched Insight Pro - a way for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) to deploy and support connectivity hardware for clients using the flexible Insight Pro platform. We knew that we had something great on our hands so we reached out the Tolly Group to compare Insight Pro versus competition from Ubiquiti Networks and Zyxel.


Download the Tolly Group Report on Insight Pro.


Tests showed the NETGEAR solution to be demonstrably superior to the alternatives, offering in part:

1) An architecture designed for multi-customer, multi-location businesses
2) Simple and flexible setup
3) Highly-functional cloud portal
4) Full-fledged management via a mobile app
5) Controller-free site solution
6) Business-class NAS support


Click to Expand - Download the Tolly Report For More ComparisonsClick to Expand - Download the Tolly Report For More Comparisons

For more, Visit the Insight Pro landing page, or the Insight Pro Forum.



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