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Backing up Egnyte Partition

We plan on using OLC primarily for Data security/redundancy. The ideal would be that on the 1500 4tb model we could do a nightly backup of the OLC data on the same NAS box, perhaps on a separate partition. Basically keeping nightly images for 30 days of what is stored on OLC. This is to help get around the fact that OLC doesn't store the trash bin or past versions. This would basically our fail safe in case everything goes to hell. Is this a capability of the Readynas, and how would I achieve this? Are there any limitations I would likely encounter/word of warning ect.

We WOULD be using OLC for the local access of our employees BUT file locking is not synced between OLC and web access. Or PLC and webdav mapped drive for that matter. Any word on if either of these is in the works? Estimated deployment date?

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Re: Backing up Egnyte Partition

Hi John,

There are a few ways to backing up OLC data on the ReadyNAS.
1. NETGEAR has a built-in backup where a share can be backed up to another share. There are also plenty of options such as another machine on the network, attached USB drive, etc, that can backup the partition.
2. Write a script that will RSYNC the partitioned data nightly. I would recommend this method if you feel comfortable with RSYNC.

And yes, file locking does not sync between OLC and web access. The reason for this is because OLC data can be accessed/edited offline if there is no internet connection, while web access data is accessed/edited live.
One workaround (if you have reliable internet) is to have all employees work online through the web browser interface or mapped drive/web-dav (much more direct use of Egnyte). That way all access, editing, storage is done live, and the data will be synced remotely (automatically backed up) to the cloud.

~ Johnny
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