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Re: 1U 8/12 Port SFP+/QSFP Switch


1U 8/12 Port SFP+/QSFP Switch

Hi Netgear/Forum 

Just checking if there are any plans on introducing a smaller 1U L3 switch with built in QSFP ports ?

We tend to use m4300-96x as a core switch at a lot of surveillance installs and then backhaul SFP+ feeds from multiple 24xf switches into QSFP trunks back to dvr hardware .


We've had cases where the core switch is 3 miles away from the DVR cluster taking the video feeds and had to either do a collapsed core design and interconnect the servers directly to the 96x eating into precious port expansion and deal with spanning tree/portsec/bpdguard making it into the core which is not ideal or in one instance we had to buy another vendors l3 switch with QSFP ports in it as they are at 70% capacity.


I know we are inside a really bad chip shortage but would really appreciate it as we try and standardize installs,practises and equipment as much as possible.

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Re: 1U 8/12 Port SFP+/QSFP Switch



We still don't have any updates if there will be a smaller L3 switch with built-in QSFP ports in the future. 





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Re: 1U 8/12 Port SFP+/QSFP Switch

Thanks John

If you do decide to bring one out I'll buy them by the truckloads.

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