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Re: Connecting existing Stack to new stack via new layer 3 switch.


Connecting existing Stack to new stack via new layer 3 switch.

Hi All, i would appreicate some help, as i am new the configurations of switches, so on a step learning curve.  


I have just purchased x2 M4300-48X L2 x2 M4300-8x8f L3.


Currently we have x2 GS700TS stacked which serves our network. 



Current configuration


  • Stacked
  • Fibre connection from each switch to M4300-8x8f Fibre port
  • Created two VLANs, 10 and 20 


2 port assigned as interface to Vlan 10 (, and also Vlan 20 (



Attach a laptop on each vlan assigned ports and able to ping successfully.(Gateway and client)



Existing switch stack.(GS700TS, IP range /24)



Created Vlan 30

Assigned a port and created an interface for Vlan 30 (


Patched a port from GS700TS to the port created above.


Client machine on vlan 10 and 20 cannot ping the interface for vlan 30, but can on vlan 10 and 20.  


Client machine on vlan 30 can ping the interface on vlan 10, 20 and 30, but on the clients on vlan 10 and 20. 


Not sure why this is not working, can anyone cast a ray of light on this??










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Re: Connecting existing Stack to new stack via new layer 3 switch.

Hi Mike77,



         Welcome to the community! 


 I try to understand what you mean. 


         M4300-8X8F working as L3 switch, create three L3 routing VLAN, as VLAN10,20,30

         M4300-48X and GS700TS working as L2 switch. Clients of VLAN10/20 connect to M4300-48X, clients of VLAN30 connect to GS700TS.


         Problem is:

         1. Client of VLAN30 can ping L3 routing VLAN10/20/30, but cannot ping clients of VLAN10/20

         2. Clients of VLAN10/20 can ping L3 routing VLAN10/20, but cannot ping L3 routing VLAN30


AM I right?

If so, would you please test further more.

1. Does client of VLAN10 can ping client of VLAN20?

2. Would you please provide the configuration for M4300-8X8F and M4300-48X? I want to confirm the configure again.



How do I send configure files from my Managed Switch to NETGEAR community moderators?




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