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DHCP Question


DHCP Question

This is a pre-sales question. I am looking to have set up a client network with 3 VLANs; one for guest WiFi access, one for VoIP, and one for the staff / back office workers. I thought a Netgear L3 switch would have the ability to assign the onboard DHCP to a specific VLAN, meaning I could have 3 DHCP address pools - one assigned to each VLAN.

I cannot find anywhere in the 7000/7200/7300 L3 switch reference manual where it discusses specifically how to do this. Am I just blind or is this not possible?

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Re: DHCP Question

This is possible, but you don't set it up on a per VLAN basis. You just configure the DHCP server and it will assign the addresses to the appropriate subnets. Keep in mind that the DHCP server on the GSM7xx switches are nothing like Windows or Linux DHCP servers
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