DHCP Snooping issue after Upgrade


DHCP Snooping issue after Upgrade

Hello people,


I just upgraded my M4300-52G to the last firmware version and as soon as the switches rebooted none of my devices were able to get an ip from my dhcp servers. Until I turned off DHCP Snooping.


I checked my conf, but Trust Mode was correctly enabled on the Lag that goes to my dhcp servers's switch (and the 4 ports within the LAG).

It was working perfectly before the upgrade and I did no change to my conf, so for me the issue comes from the new firmware




DHCP SERVERS<==>SWITCH (LAG 1)<=========>(LAG 3) M4300-52G

                                   No dhcp snooping                            DHCP Snooping On, LAG3 Trusted.


Does anyone else has/had this issue ?


Thanks for your feedback 😉

Model: GSM4352S|M4300-52G - Stackable Managed Switch with 48x1G and 4x10G including 2x10GBASE-T and 2xSFP+ Layer 3
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Re: DHCP Snooping issue after Upgrade



Nobody else has this issue since the upgrade ?

I don't have a spare M4300 to do tests to confirm it's caused by the new firmware

Thx for your time 🙂


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