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FS726TP unit firmware error after update


FS726TP unit firmware error after update

Hello all,


So I updated a FS726TP switch per the instructions from Netgear using the SmartWizard to the boot code file, FS726TP_BootCode_SCC.hex. 


The old firmware version was 1.3 or 1.03 (I forget) but was definitely a few versions behind. 

So per the instructions, I loaded the .hex file via the SmartWizard and got confirmation that it completed. 

I, then to go to open up the Smare Control Center utility this time and the switch has defaulted back to the address...sigh... 


Now SCC utility sees this default IP but the switch is not accessible in any way. 

Firmware version column in SCC now just shows the letter E instead of the version number. 


Is this recoverable by doing a factory reset? Is there any way to force it to reset via the SCC utility?

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Re: FS726TP unit firmware error after update



Welcome to our community! 🙂


We do apologize if the switch resets to factory default after upgrading the firmware. It really depends on the firmware if it will go back to default settings. Better check the release notes first before upgrading the firmware. You may need to statically assign a pc to 192.168.0.x address in order for you to gain access to its admin GUI.





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Re: FS726TP unit firmware error after update



I actually did read through the notes included in the zip file that I downloaded. There is no mention of everything getting reset to factory.


This is everything that is listed in the release notes. All it says is that it will boot to the new code and that I will need SCC from that point on. Where exactly does it list that it will wipe itself clean to factory defaults?


"FS726TP Firmware Version 2.0.1_02Release date: 5/27/2010

Note: This firmware adds support of the new Smart Control Center to the switch. It does not contain any other enhancement or bug fix. Only upgrade to this firmware if you have downloaded and installed the Smart Control Center. The Smart Control Center software can be downloaded here. The upgrade process requires the use of the Smart Control Center software. Once the switch has been upgraded to this firmware, it can only be discovered and managed by the Smart Control Center and can no longer be discovered nor managed by the Smartwizard Discovery Utiltiy.

New Features

  1. Support the new Smart Control Center software

Known Issues

  1. Upgrade can only be done via the port that is a member of VLAN 1 

Upgrade Instructions:

NOTE: You must follow the procedure below to upgrade the switch to this firmware version. Please read through the procedure before attempting firmware upgrade as the upgrade procedure of this firmware is different than firmware upgrade of previous version. Inproper upgrade procedure may cause the switch to become inoperable and need to be replaced. You must download and install the Smart Control Center software before attemp to upgrade as the upgrade procedure require the use of both the Smartwizard Discovery utility and the Smart Control Center software. For instruction on how to use the Smart Control Center software, please refer to the user manual here.


  1. Download the new firmware to a convenient place on your local system (e.g., C:\downloads\).
  2. Extract the ZIP file into two files: FS726TP_BootCode_SCC.hex and FS726TP_V2.0.1_02.bin.
  3. First, you need to upgrade the boot code of the switch using the Smartwizard Discovery utility. Start Smartwizard Discovery utility, (included on the CD that came with your Smart Switch). If it is not installed, do so now, before continuing.
  4. In Smartwizard Discovery window, click Discover to find your Smart Switch. The switch will be listed in the device list table once found. (Note: Smartwizard Discovery uses broadcast packets to find Smart Switches, which means it can only find Smart Switches in the same routing domain.)
  5. Highlight the Smart Switch to upgrade and click Firmware Upgrade.
  6. Select the file FS726TP_BootCode_SCC.hex and enter the administrative password of the switch. Click Apply. Then, click Start Upgrade. Follow the screen prompts to complete the upgrade. Smartwizard Discovery will report a successful completion at the end.
  7. The switch will automatically reboot with the new boot code. Once it is rebooted, it can no longer be disocovered by the Smartwizard Discovery utility. Start the Smart Control Center software. The switch will be discovered by the Smart Control Center.
  8. Upgrade the switch firmware with the file FS726TP_V2.0.1_02.bin using the Smart Control Center. Refer to the user manul here for how to upgrade switch firmware using the Smart Control Center.

Downgrade the switch from version 2.x firmware to version 1.x firmware:

  1. Using the Smart Control Center, download the version 1 boot code (download here) to the switch.
  2. Once the firmware download completed, the switch can no longer be discovered by the Smart Control Center. Start the Smartwizard Discovery Utility. The switch will be discovered with no firmware.
  3. Using the Smartwizard Discovery Utility, download the version 1.x firmware to the switch


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