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GS116Ev2 is throttling internet bandwidth


GS116Ev2 is throttling internet bandwidth

I have replace a 16 port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch with GS116Ev2 16 port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus switch.  My broadband bandwitch is 800mbits, I can test this bandwitch from the Hitron router, however the speed test from the rest of the network is around 400mbits.


The only configuration I have changed on the switch is to enable DHCP and added a IP address. for the switch, subnet mask and gateway IP.


I am not sure why the internet speed is reduced to less than 50% for devices connected to the switch.


Has anyone encountered the same issue?  Is there some configuration that I need to change to get the full available bandwidth.


Appreciate some help.


Thank you


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Re: GS116Ev2 is throttling internet bandwidth

Any Rate Limitations in place and enabled on QOS -> Rate Limit ?

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Re: GS116Ev2 is throttling internet bandwidth

No, all the setting apart from DHCP are default values

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