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GS724TPv2 web ui blank


GS724TPv2 web ui blank

I've been experiencing issues when I log into the WEB UI where I can see the menu's and sub menu's but non of the options show up. I just get a blank page. During troubleshooting I noticed the time/date was off so I corrected that, I updated the firmware, and it worked the first time I logged in but now I'm back to getting blank options/settings under any menu option. It works when I use incognito window but not when I use the normal mode in Google Chrome. Browser is updated. I've cleared my cookies, cache and all history and get the same blank screen. I've tried researching the issue but didn't really know the best way to explain it. Figured I'd try here. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: GS724TPv2 web ui blank

Same thing happens when I try to access through Microsoft Edge, I've also tried from other devices on my local network all experience same blank screens unless going through incognito window. 

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