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GS748Tv4 - Firware upgrade gone bad?

Hi All,
I have a the above switch where I upgraded the firmware from to According to the smart control center tasks, this was successful. I reboot the switch and cannot change the password or configure the switch. I reset to factory, tried change the password (default being password I assume) and it still won't let me change the password.

The switch now has a MAC of and firmware is coming up as unknown. I tried reflashing to the old firmware, but it gives an error of "transfer timeout."

Weird - if I am in SCC and try a reboot - it asks for a password - put in password - and it reboots.

I put the switch on a completely different subnet than the default that it is on - and it routes traffic just fine. I really just need this as a dumb gigabit switch - no vlans or anything - can I just use it as-is?

Or is there a solution to this?

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Re: GS748Tv4 - Firware upgrade gone bad?

I would get replaced
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