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GSM7224 - no IP connectivity


GSM7224 - no IP connectivity


I have a new GSM7224 V1 (bought several years ago but never used until now).

After configuring the network address manually, I was unable to connect either via the web interface or via telnet. I cannot ping the device, and the device cannot ping out.

I tried to use DHCP, but the device defaults to the IP address, meaning it cannot find a DHCP server.

I have 4 other 7224s on our LAN - I have matched the configuration on the new device with the old ones so can't understand why it refuses to see the LAN.

It can ping itself on, implying the network adaptor exists and is up.

Firmware version (I even tried re-applying this using the XMODEM transfer method - it applied successfully, but did not resolve the issue.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: GSM7224 - no IP connectivity

I have a similar problem with a GSM7224V2. I try setting network protocal none, and it appears to accept that. But when I set network parameters it says that the IP address/netmask conflicts with configured IP/nm of a router interface.

I'm stuck
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