Internet Connection Issues ProSafe GS728TP


Internet Connection Issues ProSafe GS728TP

I have some users that are experieincing problem connecting to the Internet. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can't and it is really sporadic. They are connected to a ProSafe GS728TP switch. I was able to log into it and ran a cable test. It came back with the below. We have not modified or changed any cabling in quite some time. Up until a week ago everything was running fine. 


Any suggestions on what the problem might be? 


Cable Test.png


the following results. 

Model: GS728TP|ProSafe 24 ports PoE Smart switch with 8 PoE+ ports
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Re: Internet Connection Issues ProSafe GS728TP



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One thing that you can check first is the connection of the computers to the switch, that being said, try using a laptop and an extra Ethernet cable which you'll use to see if you have Internet access on the switch ports.


If all ports seem to show that they have Internet on your laptop, then most likely the problem is with the cabling itself.





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