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M4100-26G IGMP Multicast issue


M4100-26G IGMP Multicast issue


Firmware Version10.0.2.35

Linux & Windows


The installation was working fine until a few weeks ago, UPS died so power was dropped. This is a simple Multicast distribution setup with the M4100-26-POE as the core switch for multi-casting. The downstream network is not under my domain but consists of Aruba switches.


Problem description:  Downstream joins of multicast streams would stop the stream at the core switch and it would eventually resume again.


System setup:

1. One VLAN is used for downstream transmission and all connections are in this VLAN.

2. 6 - sources of Video streams connected to 6 ports.Since the sources do not have VLAN capability the PVID of each port is set to the VLAN. These ports are also marked UNTAGGED in the VLAN membership.

3. IGMP snooping is enabled for these ports as well as for the Linux and Windows servers connected to 2  ports (PVID also set)

3. Downstream port (25) is marked TAGGED for this VLAN.

4. This switch is also used at the IGMP Querier. The Querier address is on the same network but to an unused IP.

5. No VLAN routing implemented.


Steps taken to resolve the issue:

1. The 6 multicast source ports were removed from the snooping config. No change

2. Checked the MFDB table, seems sane, 81 entries. Not sure what to check for.


I am trying to understand the failure here.

Any advice would be appreciated.






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Re: M4100-26G IGMP Multicast issue



Welcome to the community! 🙂


It would be best if you open a support ticket with NETGEAR Support Team here at anytime.





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