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M4300-24X24F Stack LAG to 3rd party switch?


M4300-24X24F Stack LAG to 3rd party switch?

I've been searching the boards and docs and am worried I am chasing my tail.


We have four M4300-24X24F switches configured in a dual ring stack and running firmware (expecting to move to at the next maintenance window).  We have access to four ports on a Juniper stack that is managed by another team.  These four ports are all the same subnet and are not configured for LACP or any kind of LAG that I am aware of.


We would like to connect one Juniper port to each M4300 switch ideally in some sort of active-active setup as opposed to passive failovers and then connect it to a VLAN defined in the netgear stack.  I have the following questions:


1. Is there a LAG configuration on the M4300 switches that can balance traffic across links to a black box switch stack?

2. Would VRRP be a possible solution? if so how would it need to be set up?

3. While it wouldn't balance across the stack, would it be possible to create a unique vlan for each netgear switch in the stack each using its own physical link to the externally managed subnet?  Would traffic between switch one and switch four then have to go out over the physical links and over the externally managed or would be routed over the netgear stack connection?

4. Am I missing some other obvious solution?

5. Am I blindly headed off a cliff?



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