Re: M4300-24X24F for Storage use?


M4300-24X24F for Storage use?

We are getting new Nimble (HPE) storage.  It is replacing our older Nimble storage that is running out of support.  In the past we were strictly Cisco for anything Network and I mean anything.  We have since changed direction away from Cisco, if there is an alternative.  Example are using Ubiquit for WiFi (AP's) and layer 2 client switching.


Has anyone used the MS4300-24X24F for 10gig iSCSI storage work?  This would be at a small data center that has 7 ESXi hosts in a cluster, with 4-10gig NIC's in each host, with 2 of those NIC's for iSCSI stroage per host.  I would use two of the MS4300-24X24's in a NON stacked setup for storage.  1 NIC into 1 switch, the other NIC into the second switch.  The SAN has 4 NIC's I think, two per head, so two into one switch, two into another.


Thoughts?  Thanks!

Model: XSM4348S|M4300-24X24F - Stackable Managed Switch with 48x10G including 24x10GBASE-T and 24xSFP+ Layer 3
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Re: M4300-24X24F for Storage use?

While the design sounds OK to me (especially not stacking them so you can independently update a single iSCSI paths without tacking down the other, I don't know if Netgear is the right choice in your case considering you do have the budget for vSphere and Nimble and previously had a Cisco-only policy.


It depends on your industry, support expectations and your own expertise in networking. Netgear has a CLI very similar to Cisco, there are a couple of differences but you can easily pick them up.


If you want a network vendor where you can pick up the phone and get some hand-holding, that's less the area where Netgear shines. Their support has been helpful whenever I've reported bugs issues. I don't expect a 24/7 support when I'm not paying for a premium contract and am not forced into paying for every single feature, nor have to keep all features licensed and under contract if I want to get security updates. (I can't say anything about the additional ProSupport plans.)


With Netgear I get a solid product, without that many bells and whistles and for the money saved and I can easily keep cold spares around without hesitation.


In terms of support I'd definitely chose Netgear over Ubiquiti when it comes to network switches. If you need more support and more extensive documentation, HPE/Aruba is worth a look. It really depends on your expectations. Netgear is doing a good job, it is definitely worth a look, but it is not ideal for everyone.

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Re: M4300-24X24F for Storage use?

Thanks.  We just need them for iSCSI at our cold DR site.  Ubiquiti is great at layer 2 for client devices.  Outside of that I would not use them for anything beyond a small business.


I ordered two of the M4300-24x24F, with redundant power supplies and a 3 year Pro Support agreement.  We shall see.  HPE quoted us some so called "dumb" 10gig 24port swiches for the new Nimble storage, 37k for two with support.  I am coming under 10k for two M4300's with the pro support and extra power supplies.

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