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Re: M4300-8X8F vlan issue


M4300-8X8F vlan issue

Hi all, 


I been messing around with a m4300 and never using netgear before running into some issues with trying to setup a basic vlan, that based off what i read online should work.


I trying to get two computer to ping each other that wont do it when setting up as the following


Created Vlan 901 


I assigned it as untagged (access port) on ports 10 and 12

took vlan off ports 10 and 12

put ports 10 and 12 into PVID group 901

also set untagged VLAN as 901.


Both computers i set as a local network, and i also set on the ethernet adapter to be in vlan 901


I followed this guide step by step and didnt work



for some reason this wont allow me to ping each other. However if i set the ports to a trunk then they can ping each other.

The issue i will need to have this setup so a single vlan will work so cant have a trunk letting multiple vlans going off select ports. 




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Re: M4300-8X8F vlan issue

Have removed port 10 and 12 from the VLAN 1 membership?

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