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M4300 IGMPv3


M4300 IGMPv3

Does the M4300, or any of Netgear's managed switches, support 'fast leave' for IGMPv3?  I have a multicast receiver connected to a 1Gbps port on an M4300 - if the receiver subscribes to a multicast stream (each stream is about 800Mbps) and then leaves that stream and subscribes to another, the switch doesn't remove the inital stream from the port, so the port ends up with two 800Mbps streams trying to forward at once, which expectedly causes issues and neither stream is delivered to the multicast receiver in one piece.  This has worked fine for me on other vendors' switches - is there a setting to enable fast leave for IGMPv3?  Thanks.

Model: XSM4316S|M4300-8X8F - Stackable Managed Switch with 16x10G including 8x10GBASE-T and 8xSFP+ Layer 3
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Re: M4300 IGMPv3

I must admit, that the whole multicast area is a weak spot of mine.


However I've spotted the command 'set igmp fast-leave' command. Which however is limited to IPv2 hosts only as per the CLI guide.


Others such as Ruckus documentation mention multicast tracking for IGMPv3. Maybe you need to look into that direction?

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