Netgear M4100-26G Switch POST Problem


Netgear M4100-26G Switch POST Problem

Hi everybody!


I´m opening a new discussion after discovering the reason of my issue. This is my Problem:


3. Check the Power LED on the front panel of the switch.
The LED should light in the following sequence:
• The LED turns yellow as the switch runs a power-on self-test (POST).
• If the switch passes the test, the LED turns green. The switch is working and ready to
pass data.
• If the POST fails, the Power LED blinks yellow.


Now I know why the power LED doesn´t stop blinking yellow, but i can´t find a solution in any of the official manuals. Does someone know what should I do now?


Link to the first discussion about this issue:

Install Firmware after Hard-Reset Netgear4100-26G - NETGEAR Communities

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Re: Netgear M4100-26G Switch POST Problem

Hi @Marcos999,


Were you able to access the boot menu of the switch to perform a Factory Defaults? For your reference, please check this KB article.


If not, I suggest to contact support and request for a replacement, here are the steps on how to do so.






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