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Netgear M4300 LAG Uplink Admin Mode and STP Problems


Netgear M4300 LAG Uplink Admin Mode and STP Problems

Hello ,

I am currently having problems with our Netgear M4300 series switches.

The following scenario:
We have a core switch M4300 24x24, and 2 switch stacks with M4300 switches.
On Stack1, the uplink port always switches off admin mode without any reason or error message.
This must always be switched back on manually. The problem currently occurs on Saturday/Sunday.

I have now deactivated the STP as with Stack2.
Is it enough if this is deactivated under "Switch -> STP -> STP Admin Mode -> disable"?
or does the mode have to be deactivated for each port?
And why does the admin mode on the uplink port keep deactivating itself? This is usually configured as LAG as with the other stack!

If you need more info, feel free to ask.

Until then

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