Packet loss with LACP and Intel 82575EB network cards


I'm setting up M4300 switches (migrating from an externally managed network with cisco switches to a network we control) and I am experiencing packet loss when using servers with Intel 82575EB network cards. I've tested extensively and came to the following conclusion.

  • Multiple different servers with Linux (Debian Buster, Proxmox on Debian Stretch, Windows Server 2016) are affected every time an Intel 82575EB network card is connected to the LAG.
  • All these servers and operating systems work fine (without packet loss), when some other network card is used (e.g. Intel 82576, Intel X722, Intel I350, Broadcom BCM5709).
  • When the LACP is set up over two different network cards (an Intel 82575EB and a some other mentioned above), then the packet loss is smaller (depending on which connections is used due to hashing).
  • Hashing mode on Netgear was left untouched, which according to the manual should be load-balance mode 3, but in fact the default mode is 2 (visible in the web interface). When changing it to mode 3 it appears in the running-config (and thus does not seem to be default). When changing back to mode 2 it vanishes from the configuration. These load-balance mode tests were made with firmware
  • A firmware upgrade to (and default load-balance mode) does not resolve the issue.
  • I've tested multiple Intel 82575EB network cards, so it's not just one defective card.
  • These same servers with the same configuration and network cards have worked on the cisco switches.

The configuration under Linux is always the same:

auto bond0
iface bond0 inet manual
	slaves 			enp2s0f0 enp3s0f0

	up				ip link set bond0 up
	down 				ip link set bond0 down

	bond-miimon			100
	bond-mode			802.3ad
	bond-xmit-hash-policy		layer2+3
	bond-downdelay		200
	bond-updelay			200
	bond-lacp-rate		fast

The Windows configuration is as follows:

teaming mode		LACP
load balancing mode	dynamic

The interface and lag configuration on the switch are as follows:

(sw-test) #show running-config interface 1/0/1

!Current Configuration:
interface  1/0/1
description 'server1-123-a'
addport lag 1

(sw-test) #show running-config interface 2/0/1

!Current Configuration:
interface  2/0/1
description 'server1-123-b'
addport lag 1

(sw-test) #show running-config interface lag 1

!Current Configuration:
interface lag 1
description 'server1-123'
spanning-tree edgeport
ip dhcp snooping trust
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan 123
vlan acceptframe vlanonly

I haven't found any known problem with Netgear and Intel 82575EB cards on the internet, so I'm hoping someone here can point me into the right direction.

Kind regards and thanks


Model: GSM4352PA|M4300-52G-PoE+ - 48x1G PoE+ Stackable Managed Switch with 2x10GBASE-T and 2xSFP+ (550W PSU)
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