Port 4 Flashing


Port 4 Flashing

Hi i have just taken delivery of a GS316EP managed switch and also this is my first post into this forum. I have noticed when no cable is plugged into port 4 of the switch the LED blinks like a cable is connected. Can anybody advise what this means ?


If i plug a cable in the socket works as expected however when no cable is connected the switch belives something is connected and the LED continues to flash.


Any advise would be great, thank you in advance.Chris

Model: GS316|16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch
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Re: Port 4 Flashing

In general, there is some fine documentation avalable on the Netgear Support pages for all products, e.g. for the GS316EP where e.g. the 16-Port PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch with 1 SFP Port (180W) Model GS316EP and 16-Port High-Powe... does list the LED status descriptions.


Beyond, best guess a port without a cable connected with an active link/PoE should not show any LED. 


Before pulling the trigger the "[Request a Hardware Replacement]" (select the Hardware entry on the My Registered Devices) on I would like to suggest to update the device to the current firmware from the GS316EP Downloads, and do a factory reset. If the issue still exists, head for a hardware replacement (depending on the market location either by the seller or using the process indicated above). 


PS. Have requested a moderator moving this thread to the Smart Plus And Smart Pro Managed Switches Forum section.



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