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Re: Prosafe GSM7248 Factory burn-in MAC


Prosafe GSM7248 Factory burn-in MAC

After upgrading the firmware on both of my Prosafe GSM7248 switches, it states "WARNING: No factory burn-in MAC address detected, software default MAC address used. Please call Netgear customer support" It's showing the physical address of all ports as 00:01:01:02:02:05 on both switches.

I'm not PAYING for support on these things, and netgear email support is a JOKE so here I am on the forums again...
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Re: Prosafe GSM7248 Factory burn-in MAC

I sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with email support. If you have an open support ticket please send me a private message with the ticket number, and I will look into it. You may have provided this information in the ticket, but please tell me: 1. Did you erase the permanent storage and then reload the firmware? 2. What firmware was you on before upgrading?
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