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VLAN, subnet and DHCP problem


VLAN, subnet and DHCP problem

Please help me correct an old misconfiguration on my end. We are adding VOIP now and I am having a bear of a time retrofitting a new working config.

Here is where I am now... I have a multiple VLAN config with DHCP forwarding on each VLAN. Because up until now our configuration has been straightforward and simple I have been running all untagged VLANS with each port on my GSM7328FS master switch representing a different network closet, different VLAN and different subnet. The GSM7352S in each network closet was simply set with all its ports in the same untagged VLAN. This kept most of my configuration chores confined to the master switch.

On all my switches the default VLAN 1 is unchanged, so it is untagged on all ports. On my central switch, my main VLAN is 2, and for example port 11 may be VLAN 6. The switch on the remote side of that is also set to all VLAN 6. VLAN 1 was still set as untagged and the PVID on all ports except 12 WAS VLAN 1.

My goal is extend a single port of VLAN 2 THROUGH port 11 (which is VLAN 6) down to port 12 on the switch in the network closet. When I set the PVID on the network closet switch to 6, then I lose communication with it over the network although all devices still function and I can of course access it with the serial console. I also have tried setting port 12 to VLAN 2 and its PVID to 2, and I've tried both tagged and untagged. Port 12 on the remote switch refuses to pass DHCP traffic for VLAN 2 and won't even ping back to VLAN 2 devices if manually configure it.

Can someone give me some pointers?

Main 2 questions..
1) what am I doing that is killing web admin on the remote switch?
2) how can I pass VLAN 2 to a single port on the remote switch while having to change as little as possible about my config (its a live setup).

Every attempt

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Re: VLAN, subnet and DHCP problem

I know I failed to complete my last sentence in the post.. but PLEASE lend me a hand.. this thing is killing my brain.
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Re: VLAN, subnet and DHCP problem

802.1Q VLAN trunking sounds mixed up here.

All ports that link from your core switch to your access switches should be linked by a dot1Q trunk. This trunk carries the untagged (native) VLAN (VLAN 1 in your case) and any other VLANs.

These trunk ports should be set to PVID = 1 and have VLAN 1 untagged. Any other VLANs you want to propagate between switches should be added as tagged VLANs (2,6,…?). The trunk will now carry 1(U), 2(T), 6(T).

Any port you have configured for a PC, say in VLAN 6 should be set to PVID = 6 and have VLAN 6 untagged.

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